When you look in the mirror, what are you thinking? 
I have been working with a client who has lost a remarkable amount of weight.  She has lost over 300 lbs by gastric by-pass surgery and she came to me to talk about and resolve her issues with body image.  Her body has certainly changed quickly, now she said her mind needs to catch up to those changes.  We have been working on the importance of developing positive perceptions of self.  As we work on the issues at hand, we are realizing that as our body changes, we need to change the way we think and feel about our body too. 
Body image 
Our body image, in part, is a idea of ourselves which stems from personal experiences, personality, and various social and cultural factors. Our sense of own physical appearance is usually in relation to others or in relation to some cultural “ideal,” that shapes self image. And, our perception of our appearance can be very different from how others perceive us.


Our self image is the view we have of ourselves. It’s the inner mental picture we have developed based on the influence of family, friends, acquaintances, the medical community and the media, etc . Our self-image is also developed by that internal dialog we have with ourselves.   Self-image is that mental picture we have of ourselves, which, as many of you may know, is quite resistant to change. Of course, body image is a part of self image.  Our self image brings about powerful emotions because the view we have of ourselves refers to how we may think or, more importantly, how we feel about our own perceived physical looks.  
Self-image is a product of cognitive development. Early on in our lives, it’s the family group that contributes to define our self-image. The family reflects back to us an image of ourselves. Then, as our lives expand out to our social world, our experiences and relationships with others such as teachers, peers, friends, and significant others and family add to how we see ourselves. These relationships reinforce what we think and feel about ourselves.  We may perceive our self-image as a truly “I’m ok” view or a distorted view of who we really are. Based on this view of self, we then develop either a positive or a negative self-image.  Distortions in our thinking and feeling of self contribute to a negative body-image.
The importance of developing a positive self-image
It is so important to work on a positive self- image as you lose weight, fat and inches on MM.  Doing so keeps you on track and enhances your life, your complete well-being. Continually working on a positive body-image contributes to a better mindset of self. For the majority of us here in Miracle-ville, I think it’s safe to say we have had difficult times in our lives when we have struggled with negative self image issues due to being over weight, weight gain, other symptoms of metabolic syndrome, PCOS etc.  Now, we have found our new lifestyle with MM, we are continually working to better ourselves, body, mind and spirit.   The importance of keeping up the positive thoughts regarding self-image is that in the realm of our emotions and feelings of self. a positive attitude and a more realistic view of self will lead to less depression, positive self worth, more satisfaction in life, less interpersonal anxiety and less generalized anxiety. The good news here is, physically, MM keeps symptoms of metabolic syndrome, or as Diane calls that Met B, in balance.  Studies have shown when our symptoms of Met B are in balance, symptoms of depression and anxiety decrease.  That said, it just makes sense to stick to plan; lose weight and emotionally feel great!!!
Develop a positive self image
It is possible to develop a more positive view of ourselves if needed.  Personally, I can tell you, I struggle with a negative self image mindset often.  As a woman who has been overweight for the majority of my adult life, I often fell into a negative feelings toward myself .  Along with my client, with all you here in Miracle-Ville, I work hard everyday to change that opinion of myself. I catch myself often with a negative thought about myself after a very nice compliment is given to me or an internalized comment I make to myself as I look in the mirror.  The difference is: I catch myself doing that and I immediately change my thought to a better, more positive thought choice  On MM, I have followed the plan, have lost weight, fit into my clothes, lost inches, have improved my labs, feel less stressed in life; however, my mind, too, needs to keep up with all these really great changes. 
How to cultivate a positive self-image         
Do a self-image inventory
Take a self-image inventory by writing down all the positive things you can think of about yourself. Also list any negative things. Doing so will help gain an awareness of your strengths, then any weaknesses may not seem so overwhelming.
Develop your strengths
Once you have taken the self-image inventory really work on developing your thoughts about your strengths.  Seeing the true strengths you do posses will help turn negative thoughts into more positive, powerful self talk.
Confront thinking distortions about body appearance
Really look into the mirror and access your thinking about yourself and your body.  Most likely you are hard on yourself, acknowledge that and change your thoughts immediately about distorted thought of self. 
Love yourself more
Provide kinder inner self talk for yourself, look for more peace inside, grant yourself more time for yourself and be less critical of self.  Be your own friend.  Always love yourself more by taking compliments from others.
Remember how far you have come
Whether you are new to MM or a long time follower, at least you have taken steps to make your life better. Living the MM lifestyle is a continual process and flow.  It is essential to live this life because Met B is a chronic condition that involves serious heath issues.  Stay on plan, keep on going with a positive attitude! 
I feel creating a positive body-image is a lifelong process. While losing weight on MM our body changes and we evolve into a more healthy version of our former selves.  A person’s body-image means more than just changing our body. It means changing how we think, feel and react to this new self.  Continually cultivating a positive relationship with regard to our body increases our abilities to live a more healthy fulfilling life:  body, mind and spirit.
Let’s talk about it
How do really feel about yourself when you look in the mirror?
  If you have dealt with negative body image issues, what have you done to overcome them?

“I’m in it to win it”
-Geno Auriemma, Head Coach, UCONN Huskies Women’s Basketball team

How cool is this?  Today, I am talking about two of my favorite things, The University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball Program and The Metabolism Miracle Lifestyle Program!    You may be thinking, what?  How do these two topics have anything in common? 

 Here in Connecticut, the UCONN Women’s Basketball team is a big thing. Lots of fans, televised coverage of just about every game, the team travels on private charter planes to away games and they are the most winning team in NCAA Division 1 Basketball.  Men’s or Women’s game!!!  Last year the Huskies completed a 90 game winning streak that beat a 1970’s era Men’s Basketball team winning game streak. Even though these women are really talented, much of the credit for such a successful team goes to the coach, Geno Auriemma.  Last year, leading up to breaking the win record, there was a great deal of “hoopla” here in CT.  On Connecticut Public Television, they had a marathon program of 8 hours showcasing Coach Auriemma and the team.  One snowy day last winter, I watched that marathon.  One of the most interesting points they said about the coach was that he not only wants to make the women on the team great basketball players, but he wants to make them great people.  That is when I thought about The Metabolism Miracle.  MM is a program that not only makes us great dieters, but MM also makes us great people!


 It sure would be nice to have a motivating coach, like Geno, who pushes us harder and further to be the best we can possibly be to keep us on track, stay inspired and committed to MM and a healthy lifestyle.  For most of us; however, sticking to a lifestyle that supports our health and well-being is a personal thing that only we can do for ourselves.  Sine we don’t have a coach like Geno working with us everyday at home, we need to be our own coach! 


 I loved watching Coach motivate the team in practice and I was feverishly taking notes.  Some of these points I will share.  These are points Geno told the team which I thought we could put to good use when following MM.



What drives you to succeed?
Find that thing inside you that drives you to succeed.  What is the real reason to commit?  It could be for our health, especially if we have a number of those issues that go hand and hand with metabolic syndrome or to keep a family history of disease in check.  In my case what continually drives me to succeed is the fact that I feel so good on plan.   What drives you to make the commitment is a defined goal.  Perhaps you have an event in your future like a class reunion, wedding or vacation.  You have a mission to be at your best and you commit to that.  Or, perhaps you desire to look better in the mirror, wish to have clothes fit more comfortably or want to feel more confident in front of the camera. 
Be your own mentor
Become your own mentor who completely cares about and believes in you.  Come up with a personal saying that motivates you.  I love my personal saying, “I’m going to do this thing”  You don’t know how many times I have relied on this little saying to get me through tough times on plan.  Become your own trusted friend and guide by being 
consistent, dependable, and trustworthy, for yourself.  Always try to keep up with a positive attitude.
Expectations of self
Expect greatness from yourself and maintain your level of excellence to do well with MM.  Have reasonable and realistic expectations of yourself, your goals and ambition.  Try to keep them more on the positive and higher side of things.  A key to finding the right balance of high expectations of self is to challenge yourself without overextending yourself. Having the ambition to set realistic expectations is not only a great way to meet your goals, but it is a solid way to build self confidence. With each little or big success with MM, you prove to yourself that you can do this thing!!!  This kind of steady plan for yourself is a great tool for overcoming depression, stress and/or anxiety about sticking to plan and meeting your weight loss goals.
What is your focus?
Stay focused on your weight loss plans and get it done.  Focus on knowing the MM plan, organize your life to stay on plan and always keep your eye on your desired outcome.
Your leadership
Be your own leader, no one else is going to do it for you.  You will also become a role model to others who want to lose weight, get healthy and live a more enriched life on MM.  As Diane always says, “spread the word”  about MM and all the benefits you have enjoyed because you have followed MM.  Not only do you lead and inspire yourself for a better life, you also lead by example for others.
Reach deeper
When your resolution is not going easy, reach deeper inside yourself and make it happen.  Going deeper, going underneath our surface desires, will help to get to the real thing that drives us.  Look for the core reason we want to succeed.  Taking the time to get down to what’s really driving us, can help us to better reach our goals.  No matter what it is we think we want, the authentic self always knows what it’s after.
Continue to plan things out and stay organized with your healthy goals.  Pave your path.  To live the MM lifestyle gives you an excellent plan to follow so you can live a better, healthier life.
Forward movement
Always move forward and keep your goals rolling in a forward direction. Following the MM lifestyle does keep you in a forward direction to better health and well-being.  I cannot imagine ever going back to my old, uninformed lifestyle. 

Make the commitment

Push and inspire yourself to make that commitment, then go beyond it.  Commit to
having that faith, commitment, determination and perseverance to attain your goals.

With regard to my weight loss, I’m proud to say I’m a loser; yet, I am always in it to win it.  Are you in?

Let’s talk about it
In what ways have you self motivated yourself to stay on plan?

Do you ever experience fear of success, failure, or both? It’s not an uncommon emotion to experience, especially when thinking in terms of fear and dieting and weight loss.  I have always thought fear of success holds us back in life.  On the other hand, fear of failure immobilizes us. We become so concerned about failing that we don’t do something we want to do.   Our fear of failure can be so strong we subconsciously undermine our own efforts.  This is why fear of failure can be connected to fear of success.  Like so many other fears, fear of failure can be so strong, it actually brings about the very failure that was feared; as in, not being successful.  See a pattern here?

We all have our own reasons for our fears; yet, I think fears usually stem from being subjected to over criticism by others and also that horrible inner critic too.

The best way to reduce fear is to build confidence and take action. When we approach fear this way, we build upon our experiences and gain knowledge. As we start to see our progress, we boost our confidence until the fear of failure or success is manageable.  It is then we get on with our task at hand.  Here in Miracle-Ville, that task is to stay on plan, lose fat & inches, and regain our health and well-being.  What puts us so far ahead of other plans, is that MM puts us in balance both physically and emotionally. 

That said, if you think you may have fears of success or failure, dig deep inside yourself and ask:   what are you willing to do to overcome any fears of staying on plan?  Do you let your fears about success or failure on MM stop you from following the recommended steps of the diet?

Most of us know all the reasons why we want to lose weight.  What we don’t tend to think about is the reasons for not wanting to lose weight.  You may want to look a little deeper below the surface and see if there are any scary feelings that have to do with being successful with your weight loss goal. 

In general, I do think we have fearful feelings when starting anything new.  How about those initial fears of starting MM? of moving from Step 1 to Step 2?  Yet, we did it!!   At the same time, all of us here in Miracle-Ville work with our issues surrounding metabolic syndrome.  This is a chronic condition we must keep on top of everyday.  Scientifically, Diane has developed this specific program to help our bodies lose fat and get our hormones in balance.  Emotionally; however,  fears can sabotage our plans to stay on plan, our goals to become healthy.

I read somewhere that FEAR stands for:
Fantasized and often Frightful
A long time ago,  I read that those fears we conjure up in our own minds, only 5% of those fears tend to be real.  If this is the case, then what are we doing to ourselves, especially when it comes to weight loss goals?  Lets look at some fears that probably are not real; yet, may be deep inside us.  Here are some examples of emotional issues that may go hand in hand with fear of success:

Fears Related to Success

-Fears we may accomplish ours goals, but still not be happy.

-Some people may feel guilty when they become successful; consquently, they fear achieving success.

-Feeling we are unworthy or undeserving of the recognition that we have accomplished something successful.  When we lose a significant amount of weight, people do notice the physical you is different.  This can draw attention to ourselves and some people fear that 
-Fears of making mistakes on a diet plan.

-Not believing in yourself to attempt and stick to a diet plan, again
-Fears you cannot commit to a healthy weight loss regime

-Not believing you possess the motivation to start or continue on a plan for health.
So, if maybe 5% of these fears or beliefs are not even real, what can we do to alleviate our fears?   
Overcoming Fears of Success
Here are some points on how to turn your fear of Success around.

Change your mindset
Turn fear of success into true success by changing your mindset:  When you hear yourself trying to explain a failure, stop yourself.  Focus on your successes

Don’t minimize yourself
Remind yourself of the hard work and effort you have put into you weight loss goals.  Don’t minimize your success!

Avoid Perfectionism (all or nothing mentality)
“If I can’t do it perfectly, it’s not worth even starting”. Planning forever, trying to plan for every little detail and then not executing the plan because you’re too caught up in the details.  Just do it.

Visualize your success
Take a look at how you can measure your success.  For example, how you feel, look, how your clothes fit, what inches you have lost, even, what the scale says.
Positive thinking
Be realistic with yourself by positive thinking.  Try to avoid negative self-talk.
Take the compliment
Accept the compliments that are given to you when people see those changes.  Don’t put yourself down after a kind word from someone.  Simply, say “Thank You” when someone compliments you. 

Fear of Failure
Fear of failing prevents us from taking action.  How many of us are so accustomed to being unsuccessful with our dieting attempts?  We didn’t know it then; however, we really didn’t have the knowledge of the proper program for our bodies.  As Met B’s the ONLY diet for us is The Metabolism Miracle.  Diane gave us our answer with MM and within that answer is hope.  No need to fear!  MM works for us when followed correctly, so fear should not even be part of our diet equation

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Change your mindset
When fear of failing or negative thoughts start to creep into your psyche, stop. Move into forward thinking by removing those bad thoughts and replace them with more balanced, healthy thinking. 

Take action
Re-read The Metabolism Miracle, plan out what you need for the Step you are following and become active in Miracle-Ville for support.

You feel more confident when you don’t give up.  Go deep inside yourself and find that attitude that says, “I’m not giving up; I’m going to do this thing.”   Keep bringing it on so you achieve your outcome and get the results you want.

Give consideration to whether any fears are thwarting your weight loss goals. Do not be fearful of your hard earned success. Sometimes, our fears of failure, or success, may be something from the past that does not even serve us emotionally anymore.  By casting a light on our shadowy fears, this reduces anxieties and paves the way for a truly successful you!

Let’s talk about it

Do you have fears of failure or success?  What helped you overcome them?

I have always thought that if I could solve that deep inner mystery of how people can find the strength and mental attitude to go on a diet, be inspired to stay on it and then stick to it, I would solve a great mystery of humankind.  True, we all follow MM and Diane has taught us how MM works for us Met B’s, physically; however, our feelings, emotions and thinking need to be on board as well.  Our feelings, emotions and thinking is our mindset.

So, while following the MM plan, how do we tend to our emotional needs and develop a great mindset to be inspired to stay the course on MM?  My thoughts on this is that one of the most  important steps to stick to a plan like MM is to make the Metabolism Miracle your lifestyle.  I have always thought that a diet becomes your lifestyle when the diet becomes a natural way of life as you go about your daily routine.   I had a light bulb moment recently as I thought, yes, the thing to do is to make your diet your lifestyle, but how does one go about doing that? 

Give yourself a big pat on the back as you work toward making a lifestyle change.  Changing so many things about your life, what you have always known, how you eat, prepare food, exercise is huge. With the right thinking and planning it out; however, you can do it.

How can we mentally and emotionally change if we need to do so?  In the world of psycho-therapeutic interventions, there is a type of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   A type of  “talk therapy” that is based on the theory that our ways of doing things are related to the interaction of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the therapist and patient will work on identifying and directly changing thoughts and behaviors that may be maintaining undesirable habits.

Basically, this means that if we change our thinking about something, we can change our ways, specifically, our not so good habits.  So, my thinking here is that if we change the way we think and feel about being on a diet, we can change our habits and that can become a long term lifestyle change for better health and well-being.

Here are some pointers on how to change the way we think about dieting so that we are inspired to stay on plan.

MM removes carb cravings

By following MM correctly, physically, we lose our cravings.  That puts us so far ahead of the game in the world of dieting. Just knowing this fact puts us on a super solid foundation for success.  When we see and feel this success, it motivates us to stay on plan.  How many of us have said MM is a diet we can live with?  To me, emotionally, that feels good.

Let go of fears
Convince yourself that you can be successful with weight loss.  Remove fears of failure and replace that emotion with the thoughts of how great you will feel when you start to see and feel real results.  Change any feelings of failure about starting the diet or recommitting to MM again.

Align with healthy food choices
Switch from thinking about resistance and deprivation, the things we cannot have, to all the good things we can have on MM.  I have heard so many people say “I could never do this diet. I could never give up my pasta”  I say, I always feel as if I am not giving something up, but I embrace new ideas and new choices. 

What are we “rooted in”?

Change old food associations, habits, customs and what I call what we have been “rooted” in.  For example, here in America, we are so used to going to the diner and having eggs, toast and potatoes for breakfast, or a burger and fries for lunch or dinner. I have changed old food associations to include an omelet without the potatoes and burger and salad for lunch or dinner.   I have no problem in asking for substitutions in a restaurant.  This is my thinking that has changed, which have changed my habits, which has made MM my lifestyle.  I could not even fathom going back to my old ways of eating and my old, ingrained food associations.

Know the plan
Educate yourself about everything MM.  Don’t just sort of know it; really know it.  What is the MM plan?  What are the steps involved? What is the right approach?  For many of us, myself included, thinking out, organizing and planning out a weight loss and exercise regime is essential.  This keeps us in a positive emotional mindset because we have a good plan to follow that truly works.

Support systems
Look for support.  This can include talking to the people here in Miracleville.  We all have common underlying issues in relation to weight loss, health and chronic Metabolism B.  We are so fortunate to have access to Diane’s advice and expertise.  Tell people (family, friends or others) you are dieting and you follow a certain plan for your health and ask for their support. 

When staying on MM is not going easy, reach deeper inside yourself and make it happen to stay on plan or recommit.  It is so easy to just get back on track.  As you work toward your goals, expect greatness from yourself.  From little to big victories, both on and off the scale, shoot toward maintaining your level of excellence to do well with MM.

I believe when we put emotions behind our weight loss and health goals, we develop a mindset that cannot be beat.  This winning combination inspires us to continue to step up to the challenge and take the prize of a better life!


Let’s talk about it

What changes have you made, emotionally, to stay on plan with MM?  How did you change your mindset?


As Met B’s, we are very unique people who have decided to follow a very unique weight loss plan, The Metabolism Miracle.  When you think about it, Diane has developed an excellent diet for our health and well-being as Met B’s; yet, she has asked us to change or transform our thinking about food, eating, exercise and just about everything we have ever known about dieting. That’s a good thing! 
As we study and read The Metabolism Miracle and get our mindset in synch with all of Diane’s new information, as we start our new MM lifestyle in Step 1 or move on to Step 2 or Maintenance, we take that leap of faith to a better life that is healthy and in balance.   We feel good, look good, start to feel more focused and more confident in the world.  At the same time, there are others in our lives, family, friends, co-workers who may not understand this way of eating, this lifestyle, or this new you. These people may become potential saboteurs of the diet plan.  That’s not a good thing!!! 
Personally, I encountered sabotage from my friend before I even bought the book!  That’s pretty bad, right?  My friend and I were actually in the bookstore and as I said in a previous post, she said to me, “don’t waste your money, you will never do this”  I felt so strongly that MM was the way for me, that I didn’t listen to a word she said.  I was strong and assertive as I said what was to become my personal MM saying, “No, I’m going to do this thing.”   
So, let’s talk about sabotage: how to recognize it, deal with it and how to become stronger than the sabotage itself.  Whether it comes from other people, or even ourselves, by being strong and assertive, yet, with kindness, we can overcome any sabotage that comes our way.
Sabotage by Family
Family may not realize they’re sabotaging you. They actually may feel threatened by a thinner or different you. They may worry that your new diet and exercise lifestyle could interfere with the life they’ve always known. They just may think it’s OK to offer a little treat in an attempt to make you happy.  Family may take it personally that you don’t “like” their food anymore or they made something “special” just for you and now you are not eating the special dish.
When I was on step one, at a retirement party for a family member, someone said “Oh, come on, you can have just a little piece of cake.”  I was prepared for this gathering by bringing a Step 1 dish and I packed my own Step 1 dessert.  I had to say “No thanks” a few times and I had no problem with bringing my own food.  Again, I was strong and assertive in my plan to stay on plan.
Sabotage by a Spouse or Partner
A spouse or partner may have a hard time coping with your diet or the change in your size.  They may knowingly or even unknowingly attempt to keep things in your relationship the way they have always been.  Change is difficult for people.  Even though you may be more than ready for a change to create a more healthful life for your self, your partner may not be ready for all your desired changes.  Because of their emotions, such as fear of the unknown, or what they thought used to make you happy, their feelings could cause them to sabotage your diet plan.
Some issues your partner may have:
Fear you will leave them
A real possibility is fear;  if you get thinner, you may attract more romantic attention from others, or they may think you could leave them because of this new you.  When a partner feels threatened in this way, it may cause them to react in a not so positive way and not be supportive.  If these feelings come up, communicate to your partner that you love him or her, and ask for support for your weight loss efforts.
Their attitudes toward food
Sometimes a partner may even bring treats into the house to try to sabotage your goals.  The most incredible news here is that since you are following MM correctly, you will have virtually NO cravings for foods that are not good for you!!  As far as I’m concerned, anyone can eat anything in my presence, and I could care less! Unbelievable, right?  MM makes that happen!  Sometimes a partner or spouse finds happiness with food and wants to share that with you. Perhaps, together you can look for ways to share experiences that do not include poor food choices. Use The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook to find new healthy foods to try, or healthier versions of family favorite comfort foods that Diane has provided for us.
Sabotage by Friends
Just like family members, friends can also feel threatened by your diet plan and healthy lifestyle choice.  They maybe fearful that you’ll look better, be more active or that you may leave them because you both do not have as much in common as before.
Some issues your friends may have
Feelings of jealousy
We would think our friends would be all for our choice to become more healthy.  Yet, friends could develop jealous feelings toward you.  They may feel this way because you are changing your life and moving forward while their life remains the same.  
Feelings of no longer having common interests
Perhaps your friends may avoid going out with you because you don’t go to old unhealthy food places anymore.  You don’t share the same ideas about eating and activity.  Make sure you are strong and do not choose the wrong menu option just because your friends want you to do so  Don’t take things personally; always keep your eye on your own goals. 
Feelings of guilt
Friends may also feel guilty when they are around you, especially when you go out and make the healthy menu choice while they order unhealthy options.   Do not allow their guilt to make you feel guilty!  I was out to a birthday dinner with friends and as they reached into the bread basket, they would look at me with so much guilt because they were eating bread.  I said, “hey go ahead, go for the bread, I’m not…but I’m not the bread police!”
So why is it that we allow other people to sabotage our diet plan?  It may be that we want to avoid hurting other people’s feelings. It may be that it is just easier to let other people have their way.  Avoid the easy route, rather, be assertive; just say, no thanks.  If you are dealing with a persistent family member or friend, be polite, but firm and stick to your healthy plan.  Your goals should be just too valuable to you. If a friend continues to sabotage your weight loss efforts, you may have to find other friends who are more supportive of your healthy lifestyle.
Sabotage by Self
While family and friends can be saboteurs of our diets, we also need to keep any sabotage of self in check.  We can be more critical of self than we are toward others; consequently, we can be hard on ourselves.   We all have our own stresses in life and our own emotions to contend with as we follow our diet plan.  We need to take care of ourselves and avoid self sabotage by setting realistic goals, sticking to an exercise regime and we need to follow Diane’s advice of staying off the scale.
Some emotions that we may have to contend with as we work on our weight loss goals are: depression, anxiety, fear, anger, self-hatred, and disappointment.  Try to work through these emotional feelings and counter the sabotage these emotions may evoke.
When you feel depressed, it can feel like a chore to actually take care of yourself.  You may not have the energy to plan, prepare or organize your life in order to follow the diet. If depression is a real issue that gets in the way of your quality of life, seek professional help to get depression in check.  The great news here is that studies have shown that as metabolic syndrome becomes balanced, symptoms of depression can improve. 
Anxiety or panic is physically uncomfortable. To make ourselves feel better and reduce those feelings of anxiety, we may turn to unhealthy foods that we think make us feel better.  This also may have been a pattern in our past. Instead of choosing poor food choices, explore other ways to comfort and and calm yourself.  We all are anxious, stressed or nervous at times; yet, we can look to other options to deal with that. Another reason to really stick to plan, if you experience anxiety or panic, is that, like depression, balancing metabolic syndrome has proved to decrease anxiety and panic symptoms.
Many of us have started diets and they just didn’t work.  We can be fearful of starting another diet that may not work.  We may have fears of gaining back the weight we have lost.  We need to align our minds with the mindset of reassurance that MM works for us and is the only plan that really is for Met B’s. 
Many times when dealing with our weight loss, we are angry and frustrated with ourselves.  Anger can make us turn to poor food choices in order to stuff that negative emotion.  Look for other outlets for the frustration of anger.  Keeping a journal or taking a walk can be better choices for dealing with feelings of anger.
Self hatred
Feelings of self-doubt and that negative inner critic can get in the way of us making the most healthy eating choices. Instead of sabotaging your diet, find ways to change any negative thoughts of self.  Make a conscious effort to change any negative thoughts to positive ones.
Many times we can become so disappointed with ourselves because we have become overweight, we feel the weight is not coming off fast enough, etc. and we may get in the mindset of why bother?  Eating or being tempted by the wrong foods just perpetuate the problem.  We feel better when we follow our plan, stay focused on our goals and look at any non-scale victories.
How to deal with sabotage:   points to consider when sabotage gets in the way of staying on plan.
Work on Communication.
Tell everyone you are following a diet plan that is working for you.  Let them know you are truly committed to your plan for your health and well-being.
Ask for support
Your family may respond in a more positive way to a request for help rather than a more accusatory “you’re not helping me” vibe.
Tap into your own personal strength.
If your family doesn’t seem to be that supportive, draw upon your own strength to stay committed.  It would seem that those closest to you, family and friends, would be the most supportive; however, that doesn’t always happen. The good news is that you have a “family” of supportive people right here in Miracleville that understand your unique situation and offer wonderful support and encouragement. Diane is committed to making sure we all understand and follow MM correctly.  Always align with your own right choices. Family and friends can make those choices more difficult and more tempting for you.  Don’t resist that temptation; just confidently and, if needed, assertively, make the right choice for yourself
When working on a diet plan, losing weight, getting healthy and taking care of yourself,  it’s best to be organized, in control, motivated and committed to your goals.  Do this thing for you!  The best way to deflect any sabotage is with kindness, understanding and good communication.  People are concerned and curious about you, the changes you are going through and how you are doing just that!  Spin any weight loss sabotage into weight loss support.
Let’s talk about it…
Have you encountered any diet sabotage by either family, friends or self?  How did you handle it?

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love.
In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness”
– Robert Muller


A number of years ago, I was asked by a concerned family member (a Met A dedicated to the calories in/calories out philosophy) “What psychological problem do you have that makes you eat so much?”  The translation of that question in my mind really was…you are so fat, so you must be eating like a pig to be at your weight.  I tried to provide a good answer; however, I was at a loss to think of a real psychological reason as to why I was so overweight.  I thought I was a fairly well-adjusted, intelligent, responsible person, who really did not eat anymore than most people.  As a matter of fact, I ate somewhat healthy and was active; yet, still, I was extra large.  I just could not for the life of me think of a real “psychological problem”   Does any of this sound familiar to you? 


Of course, with being overweight, I found myself dealing with that horrible inner critic often. I was very hard on myself with emotions that “weighed” me down.  Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, embarrassment, fear and frustration I had because of being overweight.  I thought, well, maybe that was it.  Maybe I had these bad feelings that sabotaged my efforts to stay on a diet and lose the weight. Maybe I was frustrated with dieting and was a weak person.  I do remember being very perplexed about my situation.


Then something amazing happened in my life, I found The Metabolism Miracle.  All those weight issues I had been confused about suddenly made sense.  I remember reading what Diane said on pages 7-8 in the original book.  She said, “Take heart.  You do not lack willpower!  You are not a lazy dieter! You have not imagined impossible obstacles!  Your body simply responds differently.”  At that moment, when I read Diane’s words of wisdom, everything completely made sense to me.  It was then, I began to forgive myself for all those bad feelings I had.  That revelation freed my mind to work on more important things; I started to think successful thoughts instead of all that negativity.  


Forgiveness of oneself is the answer to dissolving these difficult feelings about being overweight, going on and falling off the diet wagon or beating ourselves up for not being able to stick to a weight loss plan. Forgiving ourselves makes us feel light and free.

I became so excited and happy when I noticed as I consciously worked on forgiveness of self, the pain and sorrow began to dissolve and I started to feel better about myself and my life.  It was a time of great freedom as I let go of this negativity which I harbored deep inside myself for years.  I learned that forgiveness of self calms that inner critic and helped me to forge ahead.  I also understood that to forgive, speeds up the healing process.


Here is how self-forgiveness leads to success:


More compassionate feelings

Self-forgiveness means we become our own trusted friend and we treat ourselves with compassion.


Frees our mind 

Self-forgiveness frees up a huge amount of mental energy which allows us to do, and think of, more important things such as organizing, planning and living the MM lifestyle.   By changing our mindset to more forgiving thoughts, we can lighten our mind and body with a calming energy that keeps us always going on plan. 


Align with the power of forgiveness

When we align ourselves with the power of forgiveness, our energy is no longer stagnant with those inner critical thoughts. We are able to measure our success instead of our failure.


Meeting our needs 

With forgiveness of self, we begin anew, we have a clean mental slate so we can focus on our plan, meet our needs of following and inspiring ourselves to stick to the MM way.  


We become whole and noticed

Self-forgiveness allows us to let go of our old thinking and fill our mind with new thoughts about ourselves. This allows us to become whole. Forgiveness is the first step to change those inner thoughts that may not be so positive about self.  As we learn to love ourselves with our own hearts, this feeling shines outward.  When we begin to truly love and feel good about ourselves, others do notice.

I believe our bodies have a consciousness of its own and I feel our bodies do believe every word we say.  Sound odd?   Think of this:  we talk to our body all the time!  How many times have we all told ourselves “I hate my body,”  I am ashamed of being overweight.” or even “I hate seeing pictures of myself.”  My point here is, if we can tell ourselves these things, we can also forgive ourselves for those self-abusive thoughts and words and replace them with genuine affection for self.  Say “I’m sorry” to yourself, forgive yourself and move on to more positive thinking!  This is how we free ourselves to take on the responsibility to be good to ourselves.. 

At the same time, if you make a slip on the MM step you are following, forgive yourself, follow Diane’s direction to get back on track and let it go.   All of us here have Metabolism B which means, as Diane says, we have a long term condition.  Our bodies respond to certain foods differently. We need to follow the MM plan, until it becomes a natural way of life for our health and well-being.  Any set-backs need not interrupt our motivation and dedication to plan. When we work with self-love, self-compassion and forgiveness, we no longer are so unnecessarily “weighed down” emotionally.


An affirmation for forgiveness of self is this:  I forgive my Self and love my Self, easily and effortlessly now.  Say it over and over again especially when those old, difficult  emotions sneak into your psyche! 

I’d like to know your thoughts….
How has following MM inspired you to forgive yourself?

Believe in Yourself, Make the Commitment and Plan on Weight-loss Success
Believing in yourself and finding the right weight loss plan is a perfect combination when committing to a personal goal for good health and well-being.  All of us here in Miracle-Ville have found MM, it’s the right plan for us, and with the right mindset of believing we can do this thing, success is sure to follow.  Believing in yourself is having self-confidence.  From my experience, self confidence is an extremely good tool to have in your personal toolbox. It is an attitude that, when in balance and check, will serve you well.   When it comes to actually setting weight loss goals and going for it on a weight loss plan, a positive, self-confident attitude tends to help us set healthy, realistic goals and take that risk in trying something new,   A good, reasonable, sense of the right amount of self confidence is this: having the belief and faith in yourself, your worth and your abilities to commit to doing something that is good for you.  

When I first started MM, my friends and family actually tried to talk me out of starting and sticking to MM.  They said things like, “don’t waste your money, you will never do this” and as I was going through my MM maiden voyage detox on Step One, a family member said “Get off that diet!”  I kept saying, “I’m going to do this thing.”  To this day, that is my personal saying that keeps me going at all times on MM.  I had the self-confidence and determination to stay on MM no matter what.  Despite all those attempts by others to sabotage my MM efforts, despite my own fears of starting something new, I believed in myself and kept going!

In order to keep going, we must make that commitment to the plan.  Let’s talk about the big C:  Commitment.  First of all, no one and I’ll emphasize, no one can make us lose weight.  We have to want to “do this thing” for ourselves.  How many of us, over the years, have tried to lose weight; yet, were not really committed?  When we are ready to work on weight loss and for the right reasons, we become invincible!  We do it.  Think about this:  thanks to Diane and MM, we are already ahead of the game.  On MM, we lose our cravings and start to think more clearly because MM gets us in balance!!  That is so wonderful because physically, we no longer crave and we think better.  This all leads to having a better mindset to completely work on our health, weight loss and our whole sense of well-being. 
Because it takes effort to make the commitment to start and stay on a weight loss plan as a lifestyle, try to resolve any other emotional issues going on in your life.  As you work on your physical changes, a good balance is to take care of your mind and spirit too.  An excellent way to work within the foundation of balance is to surround yourself with supportive people who will be there for you, body, mind and spirit.  Ideally, those closest to you should be the best support; however, if you feel family or friends are not the most supportive, seek out a support group like Miracle-Ville.  It is here where we find the people who share our new way of thinking and desire for healthier lifestyle too.  You can do it and it is ultimately your responsibility to commit to a plan for your health, but you don’t have to do it alone!
Here are some tips for building up your belief in self and confidence when working on your weight loss efforts:

Build a knowledge base for your success.  

       Study The Metabolism Miracle.   Read and re-read the book, gain an understanding of how it works, be organized and follow it.

Set weight loss goals for yourself based on MM! 

       Remember, Diane always says, The Metabolism Miracle is not a traditional “calories in/calories out” diet that triggers loss of fat, muscle, and water….MM is all about 100% fat loss.  So…weigh in at the start of 8 weeks, check out your expected weight loss based on your height and present weight, and reweigh in 8 weeks. If you are “in the zone”…you did it!  Remember to measure yourself as Diane recommends in the book.  If you lose more…it’s not all fat loss. Very different philosophy but it is the MM philosophy of fat burning..
Find a fun exercise activity you like to do.
     From going to the gym, to finding the exercise that you like to do at home, just keep moving!!
Make a commitment to stay on plan for yourself.
    Do this for you!  Do not allow any sabotage by others, nor any countersabatoge by your own self to keep you from doing your MM job!

Keep up the positive thinking
     Don’t talk to yourself… unless it’s positive self talk!  Start by being your own coach and motivational speaker.  Remember I kept saying, “I’m going to do this thing.”  You will begin to inspire yourself at first, then when others see your success, you will be an inspiration to others!

Take the chance. 

      Take that chance to start something new, to lose the weight, not only physically, but emotionally too.

In conclusion, when you take the time to really believe in yourself, motivate yourself, and build upon self confidence, you do indeed discover a successful You!