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A good working definition of intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” An intention signifies a course of action to follow I do feel when we direct our minds, when we plan things out in our life we actually clarify our desires and design our lives. Our intention becomes our reality. In this Lynn’s Place, I want to talk about setting intentions and opening ourselves to the power behind our words, thoughts and mindful intentions that we formulate. We can take this kind of action to get on plan, commit to ourselves and stay on track with MM/DM.

Opening our mind to new possibilities

As a follower of MM since 2009, I noticed that The Metabolism Miracle was making me open my mind to new possibilities in my life. MM was a revolutionary, new way of eating and losing fat while getting healthy. I ate differently than I had ever done before, drank the required water and took the recommended vitamins. I even got back into exercising. Putting all these components of MM into place, I lost the weight, my labs were in normal range and clothes fit properly. My thinking was clearer and my energy level was excellent. I was more self-confident than ever. I opened my mind to this new possibility of getting my life back as I experienced the plan working. This is what I called following the MM course of action and putting in place the power of my intention to do so.

Moving out of what we are “rooted in”

Another example of the power of intention with MM is what I call moving away from what we are “rooted in.” “Rooted in” is a term I use to describe the changes that are needed to follow MM properly. I am always aware of the need to modify old food associations, habits, customs, family traditions, etc. and substitute proper MM food choices according the Step I am following. I always focus on what I can have on plan as opposed to what I cannot. Back when I first started on MM it my intention to direct my mind into accepting this new way of eating. Even when family and friends attempted to sabotage my staying on plan because my MM way is not their way, it has always been my plan, or intention, to stay on plan.

Open up to a new way, a new lifestyle change

This is a big one. MM is not just about being on a diet, but it is a way of life for those of us who have what Diane calls Metabolism B. When I first started to follow the MM way of life, I thought “hmmmm, that Diane Kress is really making me change so much in my life.” I remember the changes were almost intimidating for me and these changes conjured up fears about being able to make and stick to all these new ways of doing things. As I directed my mind to living the MM lifestyle, I did become more organized with my shopping, food choices and prep. When going out to a restaurant or over to someone’s house, I think everything out ahead of time, whether that be looking online for a menu to asking someone what would they be serving at their home. As you all know by now, the power of my words, “I’m going to do this thing” was actually a very powerful intention, which helped me to keep on track.

Our intention becomes our reality

As we go about living the MM lifestyle, not only do we follow this diet, we set our intentions to direct our lives to meet our goal of well-being on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Our thoughts and how we view our life following The Metabolism Miracle becomes our reality. Staying on plan simply becomes our second nature; a natural way of living. Always consider the power of your intentions as you live the MM lifestyle.

Let’s talk about it:

How has the power of intention helped you stay on plan and live the MM lifestyle?


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Finding our success on plan is about passion, purpose and personal power.  When bringing success to our MM experience, some of the key elements are that of a deep inner passion, a purpose and our personal power. A strong sense and understanding of these personal inner qualities is a pathway to outer success.


Our feeling of passion comes from the inside. It’s all about the personal energy we put into action towards an interest, such as following The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle, with zest and excitement.  Passion is a great desire. Passion drives us, pushes us to keep on doing what we want to do, no matter what. To immerse self in something passionately means we have dedication, love, and perseverance. Our passion for living the MM lifestyle creates a strong attachment towards living a healthy life and doing what is good for us. Something done passionately is actually an art, for it draws inspiration and an inner power from our feelings and actions.

How to find our passion

Here are some questions to help us find that passion for following plan.

What do you want to accomplish on your MM journey?  Becoming and continuing to be healthy, personally, is a top priority and I have found passion for MM to improve my health and Met B issues.  Weight loss, maintaining a good weight, increased energy, better sleep, clothes that fit properly, better self- esteem and self confidence, handling stress better are also accomplishments I wish to continue on this journey.

What makes you feel good about staying on plan?  Passion for staying on plan makes us feel good.  For me, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  MM is the only plan I have ever found long term success.  I’m sure many of you here in Miracle-Ville can attest to that.

Do you believe in yourself?   For some reason, when I first bought a copy of The Metabolism Miracle, I managed to reach deep down inside myself to believe, really believe I could “do this thing.”  This belief and my the little saying “I’m going to do this thing.” has always been my MM mantra about belief in myself.  It’s simple; yet, effective and it’s worked!  It must be my inner passion because I really don’t know where this came from, but this passion for MM has inspired me since Day 1.  It is always important to keep trying and going for it, even when you think you can’t.

When seeking to light your inner passion, what is your compassion for others?  Whatever ignites that compassion for others in you, is a likely place for you to begin to light your own passion.  This is a very nice circle of relating to other Met B’s and the metabolic condition we all share.  This is a unique opportunity to use your feeling of inner passion to be a blessing to others   Miracle-Ville is a wonderful place to keep this circle going and going.  With support, that passionate kind of energy is contagious.  Seek out others who have this energy for motivation and inspiration.


To find your purpose in life is to understand your mission.  The purpose to follow and stay on plan can be a single statement, a mission statement, that relates to the real reason we feel we want to follow the Metabolism Miracle lifestyle.  Purpose is all about the way we want to live our life. It is about the values we have that help us base our decisions and actions.  When we understand our purpose, our life moves in the direction we desire it to go.  When we have purpose, we make that transition happen.

How to find our purpose

What is your personal mission statement about following plan?  We can think of a personal mission statement as a statement that provides clarity and gives us a sense of purpose of how and why we want to stay on plan.  It defines why and how we need to live the lifestyle.

What inspires you to stay on plan?   The meaning of purpose connects us with our deepest inspiration. Clarity of purpose helps us find greater meaning for keeping on track.

What are your values about following MM?  Values are our personal beliefs; convictions and ethics that we would ideally like to follow in life and even, on plan. These are deep-seated principles that are really important to us.  Some examples of values are: excellence, integrity, awareness, experience, nurture, care, etc. (and regarding following MM, these values are for self!)  When we can fully live our personal values in our life, and put those values into following plan, we feel more fulfilled, happier and confident to stick with it.

Personal Power

Personal power is the power we possess to define our personal identity, to look out for our well being and to tap into our inner power so we are in charge of our life.  Personal power is the ability to take responsibility for our life so that we can create the life we want to live.  It is the power that enables us to have the ability to create our thoughts, our decisions and our actions in order to design the life we desire to live. Tapping into pure personal power is a way to start and stay on plan.

How to tap into our personal power

How do you take charge of your life?   Think of the ways you take personal responsibility. You are the Captain of your own ship and the caretaker of your own destiny, so you should always chart the right course.  When it comes to thinking about your own personal power to stay on plan, take that power and run with it. Your personal power is also a way to focus your attention on plan.  Know the plan.  Read and re-read MM/DM to know all aspects of the Steps.  Organize yourself, so that following plan is easier.  Tap into your own power when dealing with naysayers, and those that try to sabotage you.  Use your power to break any of those chains that may bind you.  Take your power and have the freedom to create your own life experience.

How do you continue to improve your personal development?  Personal development is the lifelong commitment to self-improvement on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Personal development always increases personal power on all levels of being.

We all should become our own source of motivation to continue our commitment to the passion, purpose and personal power of living the MM lifestyle.  It is a way to fulfill our destiny of a life that is healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Let’s talk about it:

Have you noticed how your own passion, purpose and personal power helped you stay on plan?

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Recently, in my practice, I’ve had clients who claim they are emotional eaters.  That is, they feel the need to eat when they are stressed, feel depressed, are angry, have anxiety, have low self-esteem, feel bored or they feel they are trying to compensate for a lack of something in their lives.  That said, I think it’s time to discuss the complex issue of emotional eating.

To start off on a very positive note, we are so lucky to have found Diane’s wisdom and be followers of The Metabolism Miracle.  One of the most wonderful reasons to follow MM is that MM removes carb cravings.   By following MM correctly, physically, we lose our cravings.  It is a scientific fact.  That puts us so far ahead of the game in the world of weight loss.  This fact helps us to stay on track and continue with our healthy goals.

Even though in our Met B world, we are following plan, have lost our carb cravings and are feeling and seeing success, I think it is safe to say, some of us may still have issues with eomtional eating.  In this Lynn’s Place article, we will look at emotional eating, overeating and what we can do about it.


Emotional Eating


Negative and Positive Emotions


Emotional eating is eating to soothe or relieve our emotions. Emotions, both negative and positive can make us get into eating to deal with emotions.  Of course we all know the negative reasons of emotional eating as I stated above.  The so-called positive side of emotional eating could include eating to take a break, using food for social situations or celebrations.   At times, we all are all vulnerable overeating in order to assuage these feelings.  A good practice may be to look at the varied reasons behind our emotional eating, even when we may emotionally overeat neutral foods while on plan.  In taking a look at this, it is my hunch, we can feel better about ourselves, not be so frustrated with weight loss results and follow plan more effectively.



Off Plan Vicious Cycle

On the other hand, if we are going off plan and emotionally eating foods that are to be limited or to be avoided on MM, we get into a metabolic vicious cycle that completely sabotages our goals and may not be emotional at all, but physical.  It goes like this:  Insulin Resistance is a big factor in Metabolic Syndrome.  Insulin is the fat growth hormone which is produced by the pancreas and that allows glucose into cells where it can be utilized as fuel. Because of heredity and lifestyle, (consumption of too much carbohydrates and lack of exercise) cells can become resistant to insulin. This causes the pancreas to pump out more insulin than is normal to get glucose inside the cell. When this happens it is known as “insulin resistance” (IR) Studies have shown that people with Insulin Resistance can experience brain dysfunction due to this hormonal imbalance.  This can give a direct link to depression, anxiety and IR.  We now come around full circle as this physical issue also becomes an emotional one, again.

When we are depressed, that is, physiologically depressed, we have lower levels of serotonin.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good, calms us and gives us a sense of overall well-being.  When we lack serotonin, we have a good chance of feeling depressed.  Now, eating too many carbohydrates cause an increase in serotonin levels, so our brain sends out more messages to eat carbs (carb cravings).  Because of these carb cravings, we cave into them physiologically, eat the carbs.  Then, our body pumps out the fat growth hormone insulin and we become overweight.  This is the vicious cycle of Metabolic Syndrome.  This makes the argument to stick to plan a good plan!!  Always seek the services of a health care professional, if you have true clinical depression or anxiety.


Let’s say we are following MM; yet, life gets in the way and we go back to old coping mechanisms of eating to deal with our emotions.  Overeating, even neutral foods, may just be a way that using food helps distract our attention to deeper emotional issues inside.  When we eat for emotional reasons, food can help us cope, make us feel safe, comfortable and calm.  Sometimes it is people’s big form of pleasure.  I do feel this may be a temporary feeling, however.  On the flip side of the coin, emotional overeating can turn to weight gain, or not meeting expected weight-loss goals, feeling depressed, guilty, hopeless, anxious or frustrated. The good news is that there is something we can do about this.  YES!!!


A New Mindset


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I’m a firm believer in what is known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   This is a type of  “talk therapy” that is based on the theory that our ways of doing things are related to the interaction of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the therapist and patient will work on identifying and directly changing thoughts and behaviors that may be maintaining undesirable habits.

Basically, this means that if we change our thinking about something, we can change our ways, specifically, our not so good habits.  We can change the way we fall into the emotional eating trap by changing the way we think and feel about our emotional connection to food.  We can do this on our own by looking at the varied reasons behind our emotional eating.


Your Motivation

What are your motivational factors?   It will help if our new mindset involves looking at our motivation to replace emotional eating with more healthy options. I do believe when we feel in control or our emotions, we can stay on plan and meet our goals.  Some motivational reasons to move away from emotional eating:



-weight loss

-better lab results

-higher energy


-More control over your emotions

-better coping skills to deal with your emotions

-increased feelings of self-esteem

-less anxiety, depression, guilt



Change is Good:  Changing your Mindset

 Have a plan in place for dealing with emotional social “triggers” that cause emotional eating.  Issues that may make you want to eat to feel better.  The may include family problems, relationship problems, issues at work, health problems, money and fiancés, and unresolved  emotional issues.

Replace eating with other activity such as exercise, meditation or prayer, doing something fun, crafts, etc

Align your thinking with the positive, what you can have or do, instead of thoughts of restriction, resistance, or lack.

Watch your associations with food by making new, healthier associations with your choices.

Have an open mind to change.

Always think in terms of self-confidence and worth as opposed to self-doubt and fears.  My great mantra is, I’m going to do this thing.  Be in this mindset all the time!!

Make it your mindset that your diet is your lifestyle and let people know this is the new you.


By taking an assessment of our emotions, we can recognize them and make changes to old habits and coping mechanisms regarding emotional eating.  When we get a handle on this, we really get a chance to get to know our real selves, not the person hiding behind the emotional eating.  By taking this opportunity to discover who you truly are, you are more likely to be successful, healthy, physically and emotionally, and in control.



Let’s talk about it:


In what ways do you deal with your feelings without food?

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It’s a new year and a new you….

The holidays were nice but I’m glad they are over.  I love the New Year because it’s the time of year for fresh, new clean slate starts.  Personally, I find the holidays are very stressful with so much to do, so many special foods and traditions, so much busy work and the hustle and bustle of getting things done.  When January comes around, I find myself looking for quiet times and some inner peace.  Diane has set us up with a MM commitment contract to set us up to do well on plan for the new year.   After the holidays are over and the new year begins, Diane is so right;  it’s always a good time to commit or recommit to plan.   I was thinking, why not add a whole component of finding that inner peace within ourselves as we commit to plan too?  In this Lynn’s place article, I thought about applying a sense of inner peace to our MM commitment.

Reasons for Seeking Inner Peace

Better Manage Worry, Anxiety and Guilt

For those of us that went off plan during the holidays, we can find inner peace in that there is a solution to easily get back on plan.  Diane gives us all the tools and knowledge to do so.  We have a plan in place so we don’t need to worry about it, have anxiety over going off plan and the guilt that goes with beating ourselves up for partaking in the wrong foods as Met B’s.  It is very comforting to know we can recommit to our lifestyle we lived before the Holidays came around and we can do this thing easily and effortlessly. 

Better Clears the Chatter in the Mind

How many of us talk that negative talk to ourselves if we fall off the wagon?  We can be at peace with ourselves as know we had our holiday fun; however, now it is time to do well for ourselves again with a fresh start. This puts the focus on the positive reclaiming of our commitment, not the anguish of regret for going off plan.

Being in the Present Moment

Live in the present by letting go of the past and not worrying about the future.  Concentrate on what step you need to be on at this time.  Make sure you do whatever step correctly and don’t worry about having to do a re-start, or checking your numbers over & over again  on the scale.  I don’t even think we need to have a set weight loss goal for the future because if we are doing MM right, we will lose the weight.  That is a scientific fact.  No need to worry about those future stats.  Be in the present by noticing how you feel, how your clothes fit and how you may be emotionally at peace because you are doing something good for yourself.

Ways to Cultivate Your Inner Peace

Clear your thoughts

Take a few minutes each day to clear your thoughts.  Our busy lives makes great demands on our time and energy.  Spend a few minutes to be peaceful within your thought process.  This does not have to be a long drawn out process.  If negative thought creeps into your mind spend a few minutes consciously changing them to more positive ones.  Turn off the news, the television, the internet, smart phone, etc, for a few while you do this.  Make this a little habit you do for yourself.


 Diane always says to exercise for 30 min 5 times a week.  As Met B’s this keeps ourselves in balance.  Exercise also clears our mind, makes us feel good about ourselves and gives a a feeling of accomplishment.  A good outdoor walking meditation lets us enjoy some inner peace time with getting our body in shape,  makes us be in nature and gives us time free our mind.

Let go of old emotional attachments

While on plan, train your mind to focus on all the good things you CAN have, not the things you must resist or not be tempted by.  It’s always easier to align with good healthy food choices we can have as opposed to resisting things we cannot have.  Let go of old food associations you are “rooted” like the old classic burger & fries and make new food associations like burger & salad.

Be optimistic and expect the best

Tell yourself you “can do this thing”  Be open-minded to the fact that you can change and live this MM lifestyle.  Always believe in yourself and let go of self-doubt.  Make your dreams of being healthy come true by committing to plan with the full knowledge that you can do it.


Surround yourself with positive, supportive people.  Stay away from the naysayers and the saboteurs.  As you continue on your MM journey, the folks right here in Miracle-Ville are so supportive and understanding.  There is so much positive energy in our MV community.  It is always comforting and gives us a sense of peace to know we do not to go on this MM journey alone.

Peace of mind is one of the most valuable things we can cultivate for our lives.  Inner peace is a state of mind that gives us a sense of freedom from old thoughts and habits that bind us, old beliefs that don’t serve us well and old emotions we can release.  Just imagine this new found peace and you will feel it on all levels.  Out with the old and in with the new.  A new year, a new you and a commitment to being the best you can be.  It’s that easy!!!

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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France
I have a good friend who decided to start MM last week!  Wow, to start a diet right before the holidays is very commendable.  She decided to take action on her weight loss goals, in the here and now.  She said there would be no wavering, no excuses, nor would she have have reasons not to start now!  She said she absolutely believed she could do it.

That made me think about my own personal journey as a follower of MM and how I tend to live my life in two ways. On one hand, I’m a very practical person.  I organize and plan my weight loss goals out.  On the other hand, I’m also what I’d call visionary.  I like to dream about and deeply believe in attaining those goals.  I have come to recognize, when I combine both those facets of my life, I’m more successful with my weight loss efforts.

To act, is to take the first step.  The best way to do this is to commit to MM.  It is important to learn everything about and understand the plan. Know how to follow the step you are on, seek out the support and assistance here in Miracle-Ville and then go for it.  Take action; do this thing!!  Continue to commit.  Set your mind to get started in the here and now. Cultivate that conviction within yourself to take the action so that you set your goals and follow the plan and stay on track.
To dream, is to actually “see” yourself meeting your weight loss goals.  See yourself more healthy.  Dream about wearing clothes that fit properly and enhance your appearance.  See yourself getting around better and feeling like you have more energy.  As you become more confident about your dreams coming true, they DO become more of a reality!  So, free your mind to dream big, dream wild.  Dream as if your possibilities are unlimited and dream to fully expect your desires and dreams do come true. You will be amazed at what is really possible in all areas of your goals.
To plan, is to be organized.  Attaining weight loss and better health requires planning and organization for the best and most optimal results.  It is necessary to organize your food choices, food shopping, food preparation, and you must always have the right or proper, healthy food on hand no matter what circumstance.  Have your plan set in your mind in order to stick to your diet whether you are going out, traveling, attending parties, family gatherings or celebrating the holidays.  Plan and think everything out in your mind ahead of time.  It is imperative you organize time in your life to exercise.  Also, plan some time for utilizing support groups like the wonderful resources we have here in Miracle-Ville and the amazing support Diane provides for us.
To believe, is to really believe in yourself.  Know you can do this; you can stick to plan and lose weight, become healthy.  I deeply believed I could “do this thing” (as you know by now; my personal mantra) and no one could dissuade me, not even myself.  I had that much conviction and belief in my weight loss journey on MM.  When you truly believe in a positive way, you align with the mindset of success.  Promote this mindset of successful belief in yourself.  If you believe you can achieve, you will.  Always transform your thinking to align with this belief of your success. If you train yourself to really believe you can achieve, you most certainly will.
ImageI encourage you all to continue to act upon, dream, plan and believe in your own weight loss goals on The Metabolism Miracle.  Always continue to inspire yourself!  Always, have the confidence to stay on track and most of all, truly believe you can always do this thing!

Let’s talk about it:

I what ways do you take action, dream, plan and believe as you proceed on your personal MM journey? 

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A topic that comes up with my clients and one I’ve noticed here on the MM forum boards is the issue of “falling off the wagon.”   Of course “to fall off the wagon” is a slang term in reference to take up drinking after having stopped and the wagon is presumed to be the water wagon.  The common denominator of falling off the wagon for Miracle-Ville members is to fall back into the pattern of eating too much or choosing the wrong foods off the MM plan.  With the upcoming holiday season, I thought this would be a timely subject to address.  If you do decide to go off plan during the holidays, take care to have a plan to get right back into your healthy routine. 
In this Lynn’s Place article, I am going to discuss the following topics:  What are some of the psychosocial reasons that make us go off the wagon?  If we do fall, what are feelings we may have about ourselves, and most importantly, what can we do to recommit and resume our healthy MM lifestyle? 
The word psychosocial means factors or issues that are both social and psychological in origin.  That said, it is my belief, that if we go off plan, it may not be just in our minds or lack of motivation, but it may also be social situations or social pressures and stresses that lead us astray.  Some of these psychosocial reasons we fall off the wagon include: stress, family and peer sabotage, impatience, feeling deprivation and not being able to focus and plan.
This, of course, is a big one.  This can range from heavy duty life stresses to feeling overwhelmed in general. As nice as the Holidays are, they can be stressful  No matter what stress we’re feeling; it’s still stress.  We may feel like turning to the comfort we have known with food to ally that uncomfortable feeling.
Family and Peer Sabotage
We can feel this kind of pressure anytime; however, around the Holidays, it can be more intense.  We are also what I call “rooted in” certain traditions of holiday foods.  That is there are a lot of traditional foods that we like, we are used to and we have around the Holidays that do not fit the MM guidelines.   Family and friends may be disappointed or hurt if you do not partake in family traditions.  For more information on sabotage, please refer back to one of my previous articles here in Lynn’s Place.   Here is the link:  https://villeinterviews.wordpress.com/2011/07/05/spin-diet-sabotage-into-diet-support/
The scale can be such an enemy.  It can really mess up our mindset while on a diet.  How many times have I read that people got on the scale before their 8 weeks of Step One was over and freaked out because they didn’t lose weight, weight stayed the same or they thought they should have lost more?  Diane tells us to stay off the scale for a real reason.  The reason is that getting on the scale can actually psychologically hurt us.  Why go through all that disappointment and worry if we don’t need to do so?  In this case we may become impatient, frustrated and give up because our expectations of ourselves were not met.  Diane has ideas and plans for this:  She always says stay off the scale until the time is right to measure your progress, she developed expected fat loss criteria and she describes the way Met B’s loose weight with the “curlicue” factor. 
We also live in a world of instant gratification and tend to want immediate results.  MM is s fat burning diet/lifestyle that takes time.  We all need time to get used to this new lifestyle and way of eating.  This requires steady, long term focus and we must give ourselves the gift of patience to stay the course. 
Within the framework of patience, another issue is having an all or nothing attitude.  Taking on a new lifestyle can be scary.  Some of us are adapting to a whole, new lifestyle; some are recommitting to MM and some of us know the drill and continue to live the MM lifestyle.  No matter where you are on this path, if you do slip, there are ways to jump right back on plan at any time.  You never need to feel it is all or nothing.  Slips are going to happen.  I have had clients tell me they went off the wagon, screwed up so why not just eat what I want because I’ve messed it up anyway.  This is what I mean by getting run over by the wagon you just fell off of.   
What about the mindset of not losing weight fast enough?   Many of us on our maiden voyage of Step One had a great deal of initial success.  We lost the weight, felt good, looked good, had better labs, but the numbers on the scale was not good enough.  Because we were not patient with ourselves, frustration set in and we gave up.  Our expectation lead to disappointment.  The media doesn’t help our mindset either. It is shows like Biggest Loser, for example, which seem to have unrealistic weight loss results, that fuel our frustrations.
Deprivation, Restriction and Resisting Temptation
I don’t care for these words, they are downers; yet, for years, I’ll bet for many of us, these words probably came to mind when we thought about starting another diet…..again.  Going on a diet meant focusing on what we cannot have. which for most of us, makes us want those foods even more. The feeling of deprivation can make us cave and choose the food choices we want to avoid. Resisting temptation can be frustrating and stressful and cause us to slip.  What I love about MM is that after the initial detox period, and if we are following the plan correctly, we lose the cravings, we don’t feel deprived, nor restricted and instead of resisting temptation, we align with better food choices.  Physically, scientifically, this happens to us.  Since Diane spelled out how to get our hormones in balance, our mind follows.  Our thinking is more clear and we can plan how to align with the best food choices, whether we are at home, out to eat, or dealing with the stress in our lives.
Many times when someone has fallen off the diet wagon, they tell me they have feelings of disappointment with self, guilt, embarrassment, fear, low self esteem and poor self confidence.  We get discouraged with these feelings and fall off the wagon.  These negative thoughts about ourselves create inner conflict that sets us up to slip. Any negative thinking about self needs to be turned around and our focus needs to be about getting back on plan.   When we slip up, we may have the attitude that all is undone, so we might as well live it up; however, as Met B’s, physically, we go back into the vicious metabolic cycle of overworking our liver and pancreas.  When we know we have Metabolism B, getting back to the MM lifestyle is so important.   To jump back on the wagon, we need to take that leap of faith, be kinder to ourselves and forgive ourselves for the slip-up.  Which ever MM Step you are on and for how long you have been off the wagon, Diane has a plan built in MM to get right back on track. 
If you find yourself falling off the wagon and feeling badly about yourself, then it’s time to recommit to MM.  The following are a few points to consider when taking the leap of faith back into your health and well-being.
To get back on plan, review MM again, follow Diane’s recommendations to get back on track, plan and think everything out, and organize yourself with the information.  This may include, knowing MM, writing a shopping list, organizing your kitchen and pantry to accommodate your re-start.
Don’t Panic
Don’t dwell on past mistakes and try not to be so hard on yourself.  Pick yourself up and acknowledge the successes you have achieved.  As long as you don’t let things get out of hand, your mistakes need not undo days, weeks or months of working on your weight loss goals. 

Live the Lifestyle

Get back into moving more and work out a good exercise plan of action.  Whether that be at home, outside or at the gym, be like Nike and Just Do It.  Put it in your mindset to drink plenty of water, your green tea and take your vitamins.  Rally the troops.  Find support from family, friends and this big family of friends in Miracle-Ville.  These should all be part of your MM plan.

Positive Reflection
Take time to reflect on all the benefits of recommitting to your plan, staying on track and why you want to follow a healthy lifestyle.  Go over the situation rationally. Falling off the diet wagon does not mean you have no willpower or that you are incapable of following through. It just means you’re human.    Reflect upon the many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that eating healthy and staying on plan will give you.  Look over and set your goals again.  That can be from how much weight you desire to lose, to having a better lab report, to fitting into that outfit for an important event happening in your future plans.

Create A Vision Board
This is fun activity to illustrate your goal.  I created a vision board where I pasted on photos, words and images that captured what my new, healthier life would look like.  I did this 3 years before the original Metabolism Miracle Book came out.  I am excited to report that in the middle of my vision board, I put all my health conscious words and pictures of healthy foods to eat and affirmations of healthy living.  Not too long ago, I looked at my vision board and I could see that this positive collage of health related pictures and words indeed came true!   A vision board is an amazing way to change your life for the better. I created my vision board because I believe creative visualization can bring change into our lives.  Put your passion, emotion and thought into your own vision board and see what happens!!!
As you all know, we all have slip ups from time to time.  That is just human nature.  But as easily as it is to fall off the wagon, it can be just as easy to recommit to get back on plan.  Get into that mindset and you’re there, back on the wagon again.
If you do happen to fall off the diet wagon, how do you set yourself up to get back on track?

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Taking Good Care of Self

Taking good care of ourselves supports a more conscious, caring, nurturing effort to be good to our own Self.  As we go about our “busy-ness” in our lives, we may feel we don’t have the time nor energy to dedicate and designate time for ourselves.  I know that my life is filled with to-do lists, responsibilities, distractions, obligations, and at times, an overbooked schedule.  I’m sure many of you here in Miracle-Ville may be able to relate to that too.  All these busy factors in our lives can take us away from focusing on Self.  Not putting energy into taking care of our self may seem like it’s the thing to do because we have such big responsibilities to others; yet, what happens if we neglect ourselves?  We get tired, sick, overwhelmed, etc.  We also may find we don’t have the energy to care for those who need us (including our Self). Just a reminder here, taking care of ourselves need not be considered as selfish nor indulgent; it’s simply a contributing factor to our overall well-being.

Take the time to trust, listen, and support YOU in taking good care of yourself.  Treat yourself as you would a good friend.   Here are some reminders of how to care for self and make YOU a priority for your overall well-being of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Self Care : Physical

Nutrition and MM
As people with a different kind of metabolism, the most beneficial area of physical self care is eating right and following the The Metabolism Miracle Program.  Here in Miracle-Ville, we all live with the condition that Diane calls Metabolism B.   It is imperative we take care of ourselves physically. as our metabolic issues cause so many chronic, serious, health conditions.  As we all know, Diane has created this plan for us so that we can lead healthier lives by eating right, with scientifically proven correct amounts of carbs at the right times.  Diane has taught us how to use nutrition to make our bodies physically better.  We have learned as followers of MM to drink the water, green tea and take our vitamins.

We must find the time to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week.  Whether it is going to the gym, taking a walk, a bike ride, or dancing to music at home, do take the time to move it or groove it.

Health care
Another important self care practice is to find the time to go to our health care professional, talk over health related issues and get those important lab results from our blood work.

Self care: Emotional

Cognitive behavior modification
Cognitive behavior modification is a therapeutic technique I not only use with my clients, but I use for myself as well. The focus of CBM is to defuse self-defeating assumptions, identify negative self-talk so that we change those bad feelings about ourselves.  As you change your thoughts from a negative to a positive, you start to behave and think differently about yourself; consequently, you just may find that others react differently to the new “positive” YOU.  I strongly feel that when we focus on positive thoughts about ourselves, when we can acknowledge our progress and achievements and that emotional piece is in conjunction with Diane’s program, The Metabolism Miracle, we are really taking care of ourselves in a holistic way.

Just say no
Be OK with saying “no.”  Old patterns of obligations or responsibilities bring up feelings of  “I should” be doing for someone else instead of putting self first. We may become  vulnerable to this pattern of behavior because we feel guilty or badly about setting up ourselves as a priority.  Good self care means setting YOUR priorities straight.  To know and understand that you and your physical and emotional health is important for your overall well-being, saying “No” gets easier.  Just recently my business partner wanted me to do something after work and I had plans to go to the gym to get in exercise, I said “no I have to go to the gym”  I didn’t even feel badly about saying no because I knew I had to do what I needed to do for me. I said “no” to someone else so I could say “yes” to me.

Encourage loved ones, family and friends to support you on your weight loss, self care journey.  We are also very fortunate to have the support and kinship that Diane and Miracle-Ville offers us.


Self care: Your Spirit

Rejuvenate the spirit
We take good care of ourselves when we practice restoring and renewing our spirit.   Consider partaking in acts of kindness to yourself that uplift you.  Support yourself by taking a few minutes for yourself in the morning and at end of the day to meditate, pray, journal or just breathe.   Take a walking meditation, the kind of walk that you can get lost in thought or think nothing at all.   Yoga, massage, acupuncture, energy work, listening to relaxation music opens us to the flow of positive, restorative energy.  I like to get lost in my art work too.  I do symmetrical and mandala art.  After working on or finishing a piece, I find myself feeling peaceful and as if I’ve come to a balanced place within myself.   Explore and discover joyful practices that renew your spirit too.

 Taking the time to care for yourself can remind you and those close to you, that you and your needs are just as important as theirs.  Taking good care of yourself can make you feel good about you, your life, and your future.  By taking care of Self, you convey to others that you value your time, commitment and dedication to yourself, your life and your goals. This practice of taking care you leads to long-term well-being on all levels.


Let’s talk about it:

Share how you take good care of your Self, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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