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A good working definition of intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” An intention signifies a course of action to follow I do feel when we direct our minds, when we plan things out in our life we actually clarify our desires and design our lives. Our intention becomes our reality. In this Lynn’s Place, I want to talk about setting intentions and opening ourselves to the power behind our words, thoughts and mindful intentions that we formulate. We can take this kind of action to get on plan, commit to ourselves and stay on track with MM/DM.

Opening our mind to new possibilities

As a follower of MM since 2009, I noticed that The Metabolism Miracle was making me open my mind to new possibilities in my life. MM was a revolutionary, new way of eating and losing fat while getting healthy. I ate differently than I had ever done before, drank the required water and took the recommended vitamins. I even got back into exercising. Putting all these components of MM into place, I lost the weight, my labs were in normal range and clothes fit properly. My thinking was clearer and my energy level was excellent. I was more self-confident than ever. I opened my mind to this new possibility of getting my life back as I experienced the plan working. This is what I called following the MM course of action and putting in place the power of my intention to do so.

Moving out of what we are “rooted in”

Another example of the power of intention with MM is what I call moving away from what we are “rooted in.” “Rooted in” is a term I use to describe the changes that are needed to follow MM properly. I am always aware of the need to modify old food associations, habits, customs, family traditions, etc. and substitute proper MM food choices according the Step I am following. I always focus on what I can have on plan as opposed to what I cannot. Back when I first started on MM it my intention to direct my mind into accepting this new way of eating. Even when family and friends attempted to sabotage my staying on plan because my MM way is not their way, it has always been my plan, or intention, to stay on plan.

Open up to a new way, a new lifestyle change

This is a big one. MM is not just about being on a diet, but it is a way of life for those of us who have what Diane calls Metabolism B. When I first started to follow the MM way of life, I thought “hmmmm, that Diane Kress is really making me change so much in my life.” I remember the changes were almost intimidating for me and these changes conjured up fears about being able to make and stick to all these new ways of doing things. As I directed my mind to living the MM lifestyle, I did become more organized with my shopping, food choices and prep. When going out to a restaurant or over to someone’s house, I think everything out ahead of time, whether that be looking online for a menu to asking someone what would they be serving at their home. As you all know by now, the power of my words, “I’m going to do this thing” was actually a very powerful intention, which helped me to keep on track.

Our intention becomes our reality

As we go about living the MM lifestyle, not only do we follow this diet, we set our intentions to direct our lives to meet our goal of well-being on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Our thoughts and how we view our life following The Metabolism Miracle becomes our reality. Staying on plan simply becomes our second nature; a natural way of living. Always consider the power of your intentions as you live the MM lifestyle.

Let’s talk about it:

How has the power of intention helped you stay on plan and live the MM lifestyle?


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