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Finding our success on plan is about passion, purpose and personal power.  When bringing success to our MM experience, some of the key elements are that of a deep inner passion, a purpose and our personal power. A strong sense and understanding of these personal inner qualities is a pathway to outer success.


Our feeling of passion comes from the inside. It’s all about the personal energy we put into action towards an interest, such as following The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle, with zest and excitement.  Passion is a great desire. Passion drives us, pushes us to keep on doing what we want to do, no matter what. To immerse self in something passionately means we have dedication, love, and perseverance. Our passion for living the MM lifestyle creates a strong attachment towards living a healthy life and doing what is good for us. Something done passionately is actually an art, for it draws inspiration and an inner power from our feelings and actions.

How to find our passion

Here are some questions to help us find that passion for following plan.

What do you want to accomplish on your MM journey?  Becoming and continuing to be healthy, personally, is a top priority and I have found passion for MM to improve my health and Met B issues.  Weight loss, maintaining a good weight, increased energy, better sleep, clothes that fit properly, better self- esteem and self confidence, handling stress better are also accomplishments I wish to continue on this journey.

What makes you feel good about staying on plan?  Passion for staying on plan makes us feel good.  For me, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  MM is the only plan I have ever found long term success.  I’m sure many of you here in Miracle-Ville can attest to that.

Do you believe in yourself?   For some reason, when I first bought a copy of The Metabolism Miracle, I managed to reach deep down inside myself to believe, really believe I could “do this thing.”  This belief and my the little saying “I’m going to do this thing.” has always been my MM mantra about belief in myself.  It’s simple; yet, effective and it’s worked!  It must be my inner passion because I really don’t know where this came from, but this passion for MM has inspired me since Day 1.  It is always important to keep trying and going for it, even when you think you can’t.

When seeking to light your inner passion, what is your compassion for others?  Whatever ignites that compassion for others in you, is a likely place for you to begin to light your own passion.  This is a very nice circle of relating to other Met B’s and the metabolic condition we all share.  This is a unique opportunity to use your feeling of inner passion to be a blessing to others   Miracle-Ville is a wonderful place to keep this circle going and going.  With support, that passionate kind of energy is contagious.  Seek out others who have this energy for motivation and inspiration.


To find your purpose in life is to understand your mission.  The purpose to follow and stay on plan can be a single statement, a mission statement, that relates to the real reason we feel we want to follow the Metabolism Miracle lifestyle.  Purpose is all about the way we want to live our life. It is about the values we have that help us base our decisions and actions.  When we understand our purpose, our life moves in the direction we desire it to go.  When we have purpose, we make that transition happen.

How to find our purpose

What is your personal mission statement about following plan?  We can think of a personal mission statement as a statement that provides clarity and gives us a sense of purpose of how and why we want to stay on plan.  It defines why and how we need to live the lifestyle.

What inspires you to stay on plan?   The meaning of purpose connects us with our deepest inspiration. Clarity of purpose helps us find greater meaning for keeping on track.

What are your values about following MM?  Values are our personal beliefs; convictions and ethics that we would ideally like to follow in life and even, on plan. These are deep-seated principles that are really important to us.  Some examples of values are: excellence, integrity, awareness, experience, nurture, care, etc. (and regarding following MM, these values are for self!)  When we can fully live our personal values in our life, and put those values into following plan, we feel more fulfilled, happier and confident to stick with it.

Personal Power

Personal power is the power we possess to define our personal identity, to look out for our well being and to tap into our inner power so we are in charge of our life.  Personal power is the ability to take responsibility for our life so that we can create the life we want to live.  It is the power that enables us to have the ability to create our thoughts, our decisions and our actions in order to design the life we desire to live. Tapping into pure personal power is a way to start and stay on plan.

How to tap into our personal power

How do you take charge of your life?   Think of the ways you take personal responsibility. You are the Captain of your own ship and the caretaker of your own destiny, so you should always chart the right course.  When it comes to thinking about your own personal power to stay on plan, take that power and run with it. Your personal power is also a way to focus your attention on plan.  Know the plan.  Read and re-read MM/DM to know all aspects of the Steps.  Organize yourself, so that following plan is easier.  Tap into your own power when dealing with naysayers, and those that try to sabotage you.  Use your power to break any of those chains that may bind you.  Take your power and have the freedom to create your own life experience.

How do you continue to improve your personal development?  Personal development is the lifelong commitment to self-improvement on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Personal development always increases personal power on all levels of being.

We all should become our own source of motivation to continue our commitment to the passion, purpose and personal power of living the MM lifestyle.  It is a way to fulfill our destiny of a life that is healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Let’s talk about it:

Have you noticed how your own passion, purpose and personal power helped you stay on plan?


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