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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France
I have a good friend who decided to start MM last week!  Wow, to start a diet right before the holidays is very commendable.  She decided to take action on her weight loss goals, in the here and now.  She said there would be no wavering, no excuses, nor would she have have reasons not to start now!  She said she absolutely believed she could do it.

That made me think about my own personal journey as a follower of MM and how I tend to live my life in two ways. On one hand, I’m a very practical person.  I organize and plan my weight loss goals out.  On the other hand, I’m also what I’d call visionary.  I like to dream about and deeply believe in attaining those goals.  I have come to recognize, when I combine both those facets of my life, I’m more successful with my weight loss efforts.

To act, is to take the first step.  The best way to do this is to commit to MM.  It is important to learn everything about and understand the plan. Know how to follow the step you are on, seek out the support and assistance here in Miracle-Ville and then go for it.  Take action; do this thing!!  Continue to commit.  Set your mind to get started in the here and now. Cultivate that conviction within yourself to take the action so that you set your goals and follow the plan and stay on track.
To dream, is to actually “see” yourself meeting your weight loss goals.  See yourself more healthy.  Dream about wearing clothes that fit properly and enhance your appearance.  See yourself getting around better and feeling like you have more energy.  As you become more confident about your dreams coming true, they DO become more of a reality!  So, free your mind to dream big, dream wild.  Dream as if your possibilities are unlimited and dream to fully expect your desires and dreams do come true. You will be amazed at what is really possible in all areas of your goals.
To plan, is to be organized.  Attaining weight loss and better health requires planning and organization for the best and most optimal results.  It is necessary to organize your food choices, food shopping, food preparation, and you must always have the right or proper, healthy food on hand no matter what circumstance.  Have your plan set in your mind in order to stick to your diet whether you are going out, traveling, attending parties, family gatherings or celebrating the holidays.  Plan and think everything out in your mind ahead of time.  It is imperative you organize time in your life to exercise.  Also, plan some time for utilizing support groups like the wonderful resources we have here in Miracle-Ville and the amazing support Diane provides for us.
To believe, is to really believe in yourself.  Know you can do this; you can stick to plan and lose weight, become healthy.  I deeply believed I could “do this thing” (as you know by now; my personal mantra) and no one could dissuade me, not even myself.  I had that much conviction and belief in my weight loss journey on MM.  When you truly believe in a positive way, you align with the mindset of success.  Promote this mindset of successful belief in yourself.  If you believe you can achieve, you will.  Always transform your thinking to align with this belief of your success. If you train yourself to really believe you can achieve, you most certainly will.
ImageI encourage you all to continue to act upon, dream, plan and believe in your own weight loss goals on The Metabolism Miracle.  Always continue to inspire yourself!  Always, have the confidence to stay on track and most of all, truly believe you can always do this thing!

Let’s talk about it:

I what ways do you take action, dream, plan and believe as you proceed on your personal MM journey? 

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