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A topic that comes up with my clients and one I’ve noticed here on the MM forum boards is the issue of “falling off the wagon.”   Of course “to fall off the wagon” is a slang term in reference to take up drinking after having stopped and the wagon is presumed to be the water wagon.  The common denominator of falling off the wagon for Miracle-Ville members is to fall back into the pattern of eating too much or choosing the wrong foods off the MM plan.  With the upcoming holiday season, I thought this would be a timely subject to address.  If you do decide to go off plan during the holidays, take care to have a plan to get right back into your healthy routine. 
In this Lynn’s Place article, I am going to discuss the following topics:  What are some of the psychosocial reasons that make us go off the wagon?  If we do fall, what are feelings we may have about ourselves, and most importantly, what can we do to recommit and resume our healthy MM lifestyle? 
The word psychosocial means factors or issues that are both social and psychological in origin.  That said, it is my belief, that if we go off plan, it may not be just in our minds or lack of motivation, but it may also be social situations or social pressures and stresses that lead us astray.  Some of these psychosocial reasons we fall off the wagon include: stress, family and peer sabotage, impatience, feeling deprivation and not being able to focus and plan.
This, of course, is a big one.  This can range from heavy duty life stresses to feeling overwhelmed in general. As nice as the Holidays are, they can be stressful  No matter what stress we’re feeling; it’s still stress.  We may feel like turning to the comfort we have known with food to ally that uncomfortable feeling.
Family and Peer Sabotage
We can feel this kind of pressure anytime; however, around the Holidays, it can be more intense.  We are also what I call “rooted in” certain traditions of holiday foods.  That is there are a lot of traditional foods that we like, we are used to and we have around the Holidays that do not fit the MM guidelines.   Family and friends may be disappointed or hurt if you do not partake in family traditions.  For more information on sabotage, please refer back to one of my previous articles here in Lynn’s Place.   Here is the link:  https://villeinterviews.wordpress.com/2011/07/05/spin-diet-sabotage-into-diet-support/
The scale can be such an enemy.  It can really mess up our mindset while on a diet.  How many times have I read that people got on the scale before their 8 weeks of Step One was over and freaked out because they didn’t lose weight, weight stayed the same or they thought they should have lost more?  Diane tells us to stay off the scale for a real reason.  The reason is that getting on the scale can actually psychologically hurt us.  Why go through all that disappointment and worry if we don’t need to do so?  In this case we may become impatient, frustrated and give up because our expectations of ourselves were not met.  Diane has ideas and plans for this:  She always says stay off the scale until the time is right to measure your progress, she developed expected fat loss criteria and she describes the way Met B’s loose weight with the “curlicue” factor. 
We also live in a world of instant gratification and tend to want immediate results.  MM is s fat burning diet/lifestyle that takes time.  We all need time to get used to this new lifestyle and way of eating.  This requires steady, long term focus and we must give ourselves the gift of patience to stay the course. 
Within the framework of patience, another issue is having an all or nothing attitude.  Taking on a new lifestyle can be scary.  Some of us are adapting to a whole, new lifestyle; some are recommitting to MM and some of us know the drill and continue to live the MM lifestyle.  No matter where you are on this path, if you do slip, there are ways to jump right back on plan at any time.  You never need to feel it is all or nothing.  Slips are going to happen.  I have had clients tell me they went off the wagon, screwed up so why not just eat what I want because I’ve messed it up anyway.  This is what I mean by getting run over by the wagon you just fell off of.   
What about the mindset of not losing weight fast enough?   Many of us on our maiden voyage of Step One had a great deal of initial success.  We lost the weight, felt good, looked good, had better labs, but the numbers on the scale was not good enough.  Because we were not patient with ourselves, frustration set in and we gave up.  Our expectation lead to disappointment.  The media doesn’t help our mindset either. It is shows like Biggest Loser, for example, which seem to have unrealistic weight loss results, that fuel our frustrations.
Deprivation, Restriction and Resisting Temptation
I don’t care for these words, they are downers; yet, for years, I’ll bet for many of us, these words probably came to mind when we thought about starting another diet…..again.  Going on a diet meant focusing on what we cannot have. which for most of us, makes us want those foods even more. The feeling of deprivation can make us cave and choose the food choices we want to avoid. Resisting temptation can be frustrating and stressful and cause us to slip.  What I love about MM is that after the initial detox period, and if we are following the plan correctly, we lose the cravings, we don’t feel deprived, nor restricted and instead of resisting temptation, we align with better food choices.  Physically, scientifically, this happens to us.  Since Diane spelled out how to get our hormones in balance, our mind follows.  Our thinking is more clear and we can plan how to align with the best food choices, whether we are at home, out to eat, or dealing with the stress in our lives.
Many times when someone has fallen off the diet wagon, they tell me they have feelings of disappointment with self, guilt, embarrassment, fear, low self esteem and poor self confidence.  We get discouraged with these feelings and fall off the wagon.  These negative thoughts about ourselves create inner conflict that sets us up to slip. Any negative thinking about self needs to be turned around and our focus needs to be about getting back on plan.   When we slip up, we may have the attitude that all is undone, so we might as well live it up; however, as Met B’s, physically, we go back into the vicious metabolic cycle of overworking our liver and pancreas.  When we know we have Metabolism B, getting back to the MM lifestyle is so important.   To jump back on the wagon, we need to take that leap of faith, be kinder to ourselves and forgive ourselves for the slip-up.  Which ever MM Step you are on and for how long you have been off the wagon, Diane has a plan built in MM to get right back on track. 
If you find yourself falling off the wagon and feeling badly about yourself, then it’s time to recommit to MM.  The following are a few points to consider when taking the leap of faith back into your health and well-being.
To get back on plan, review MM again, follow Diane’s recommendations to get back on track, plan and think everything out, and organize yourself with the information.  This may include, knowing MM, writing a shopping list, organizing your kitchen and pantry to accommodate your re-start.
Don’t Panic
Don’t dwell on past mistakes and try not to be so hard on yourself.  Pick yourself up and acknowledge the successes you have achieved.  As long as you don’t let things get out of hand, your mistakes need not undo days, weeks or months of working on your weight loss goals. 

Live the Lifestyle

Get back into moving more and work out a good exercise plan of action.  Whether that be at home, outside or at the gym, be like Nike and Just Do It.  Put it in your mindset to drink plenty of water, your green tea and take your vitamins.  Rally the troops.  Find support from family, friends and this big family of friends in Miracle-Ville.  These should all be part of your MM plan.

Positive Reflection
Take time to reflect on all the benefits of recommitting to your plan, staying on track and why you want to follow a healthy lifestyle.  Go over the situation rationally. Falling off the diet wagon does not mean you have no willpower or that you are incapable of following through. It just means you’re human.    Reflect upon the many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that eating healthy and staying on plan will give you.  Look over and set your goals again.  That can be from how much weight you desire to lose, to having a better lab report, to fitting into that outfit for an important event happening in your future plans.

Create A Vision Board
This is fun activity to illustrate your goal.  I created a vision board where I pasted on photos, words and images that captured what my new, healthier life would look like.  I did this 3 years before the original Metabolism Miracle Book came out.  I am excited to report that in the middle of my vision board, I put all my health conscious words and pictures of healthy foods to eat and affirmations of healthy living.  Not too long ago, I looked at my vision board and I could see that this positive collage of health related pictures and words indeed came true!   A vision board is an amazing way to change your life for the better. I created my vision board because I believe creative visualization can bring change into our lives.  Put your passion, emotion and thought into your own vision board and see what happens!!!
As you all know, we all have slip ups from time to time.  That is just human nature.  But as easily as it is to fall off the wagon, it can be just as easy to recommit to get back on plan.  Get into that mindset and you’re there, back on the wagon again.
If you do happen to fall off the diet wagon, how do you set yourself up to get back on track?

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