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Taking Good Care of Self

Taking good care of ourselves supports a more conscious, caring, nurturing effort to be good to our own Self.  As we go about our “busy-ness” in our lives, we may feel we don’t have the time nor energy to dedicate and designate time for ourselves.  I know that my life is filled with to-do lists, responsibilities, distractions, obligations, and at times, an overbooked schedule.  I’m sure many of you here in Miracle-Ville may be able to relate to that too.  All these busy factors in our lives can take us away from focusing on Self.  Not putting energy into taking care of our self may seem like it’s the thing to do because we have such big responsibilities to others; yet, what happens if we neglect ourselves?  We get tired, sick, overwhelmed, etc.  We also may find we don’t have the energy to care for those who need us (including our Self). Just a reminder here, taking care of ourselves need not be considered as selfish nor indulgent; it’s simply a contributing factor to our overall well-being.

Take the time to trust, listen, and support YOU in taking good care of yourself.  Treat yourself as you would a good friend.   Here are some reminders of how to care for self and make YOU a priority for your overall well-being of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Self Care : Physical

Nutrition and MM
As people with a different kind of metabolism, the most beneficial area of physical self care is eating right and following the The Metabolism Miracle Program.  Here in Miracle-Ville, we all live with the condition that Diane calls Metabolism B.   It is imperative we take care of ourselves physically. as our metabolic issues cause so many chronic, serious, health conditions.  As we all know, Diane has created this plan for us so that we can lead healthier lives by eating right, with scientifically proven correct amounts of carbs at the right times.  Diane has taught us how to use nutrition to make our bodies physically better.  We have learned as followers of MM to drink the water, green tea and take our vitamins.

We must find the time to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week.  Whether it is going to the gym, taking a walk, a bike ride, or dancing to music at home, do take the time to move it or groove it.

Health care
Another important self care practice is to find the time to go to our health care professional, talk over health related issues and get those important lab results from our blood work.

Self care: Emotional

Cognitive behavior modification
Cognitive behavior modification is a therapeutic technique I not only use with my clients, but I use for myself as well. The focus of CBM is to defuse self-defeating assumptions, identify negative self-talk so that we change those bad feelings about ourselves.  As you change your thoughts from a negative to a positive, you start to behave and think differently about yourself; consequently, you just may find that others react differently to the new “positive” YOU.  I strongly feel that when we focus on positive thoughts about ourselves, when we can acknowledge our progress and achievements and that emotional piece is in conjunction with Diane’s program, The Metabolism Miracle, we are really taking care of ourselves in a holistic way.

Just say no
Be OK with saying “no.”  Old patterns of obligations or responsibilities bring up feelings of  “I should” be doing for someone else instead of putting self first. We may become  vulnerable to this pattern of behavior because we feel guilty or badly about setting up ourselves as a priority.  Good self care means setting YOUR priorities straight.  To know and understand that you and your physical and emotional health is important for your overall well-being, saying “No” gets easier.  Just recently my business partner wanted me to do something after work and I had plans to go to the gym to get in exercise, I said “no I have to go to the gym”  I didn’t even feel badly about saying no because I knew I had to do what I needed to do for me. I said “no” to someone else so I could say “yes” to me.

Encourage loved ones, family and friends to support you on your weight loss, self care journey.  We are also very fortunate to have the support and kinship that Diane and Miracle-Ville offers us.


Self care: Your Spirit

Rejuvenate the spirit
We take good care of ourselves when we practice restoring and renewing our spirit.   Consider partaking in acts of kindness to yourself that uplift you.  Support yourself by taking a few minutes for yourself in the morning and at end of the day to meditate, pray, journal or just breathe.   Take a walking meditation, the kind of walk that you can get lost in thought or think nothing at all.   Yoga, massage, acupuncture, energy work, listening to relaxation music opens us to the flow of positive, restorative energy.  I like to get lost in my art work too.  I do symmetrical and mandala art.  After working on or finishing a piece, I find myself feeling peaceful and as if I’ve come to a balanced place within myself.   Explore and discover joyful practices that renew your spirit too.

 Taking the time to care for yourself can remind you and those close to you, that you and your needs are just as important as theirs.  Taking good care of yourself can make you feel good about you, your life, and your future.  By taking care of Self, you convey to others that you value your time, commitment and dedication to yourself, your life and your goals. This practice of taking care you leads to long-term well-being on all levels.


Let’s talk about it:

Share how you take good care of your Self, physically, emotionally and spiritually.



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