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Do you ever experience fear of success, failure, or both? It’s not an uncommon emotion to experience, especially when thinking in terms of fear and dieting and weight loss.  I have always thought fear of success holds us back in life.  On the other hand, fear of failure immobilizes us. We become so concerned about failing that we don’t do something we want to do.   Our fear of failure can be so strong we subconsciously undermine our own efforts.  This is why fear of failure can be connected to fear of success.  Like so many other fears, fear of failure can be so strong, it actually brings about the very failure that was feared; as in, not being successful.  See a pattern here?

We all have our own reasons for our fears; yet, I think fears usually stem from being subjected to over criticism by others and also that horrible inner critic too.

The best way to reduce fear is to build confidence and take action. When we approach fear this way, we build upon our experiences and gain knowledge. As we start to see our progress, we boost our confidence until the fear of failure or success is manageable.  It is then we get on with our task at hand.  Here in Miracle-Ville, that task is to stay on plan, lose fat & inches, and regain our health and well-being.  What puts us so far ahead of other plans, is that MM puts us in balance both physically and emotionally. 

That said, if you think you may have fears of success or failure, dig deep inside yourself and ask:   what are you willing to do to overcome any fears of staying on plan?  Do you let your fears about success or failure on MM stop you from following the recommended steps of the diet?

Most of us know all the reasons why we want to lose weight.  What we don’t tend to think about is the reasons for not wanting to lose weight.  You may want to look a little deeper below the surface and see if there are any scary feelings that have to do with being successful with your weight loss goal. 

In general, I do think we have fearful feelings when starting anything new.  How about those initial fears of starting MM? of moving from Step 1 to Step 2?  Yet, we did it!!   At the same time, all of us here in Miracle-Ville work with our issues surrounding metabolic syndrome.  This is a chronic condition we must keep on top of everyday.  Scientifically, Diane has developed this specific program to help our bodies lose fat and get our hormones in balance.  Emotionally; however,  fears can sabotage our plans to stay on plan, our goals to become healthy.

I read somewhere that FEAR stands for:
Fantasized and often Frightful
A long time ago,  I read that those fears we conjure up in our own minds, only 5% of those fears tend to be real.  If this is the case, then what are we doing to ourselves, especially when it comes to weight loss goals?  Lets look at some fears that probably are not real; yet, may be deep inside us.  Here are some examples of emotional issues that may go hand in hand with fear of success:

Fears Related to Success

-Fears we may accomplish ours goals, but still not be happy.

-Some people may feel guilty when they become successful; consquently, they fear achieving success.

-Feeling we are unworthy or undeserving of the recognition that we have accomplished something successful.  When we lose a significant amount of weight, people do notice the physical you is different.  This can draw attention to ourselves and some people fear that 
-Fears of making mistakes on a diet plan.

-Not believing in yourself to attempt and stick to a diet plan, again
-Fears you cannot commit to a healthy weight loss regime

-Not believing you possess the motivation to start or continue on a plan for health.
So, if maybe 5% of these fears or beliefs are not even real, what can we do to alleviate our fears?   
Overcoming Fears of Success
Here are some points on how to turn your fear of Success around.

Change your mindset
Turn fear of success into true success by changing your mindset:  When you hear yourself trying to explain a failure, stop yourself.  Focus on your successes

Don’t minimize yourself
Remind yourself of the hard work and effort you have put into you weight loss goals.  Don’t minimize your success!

Avoid Perfectionism (all or nothing mentality)
“If I can’t do it perfectly, it’s not worth even starting”. Planning forever, trying to plan for every little detail and then not executing the plan because you’re too caught up in the details.  Just do it.

Visualize your success
Take a look at how you can measure your success.  For example, how you feel, look, how your clothes fit, what inches you have lost, even, what the scale says.
Positive thinking
Be realistic with yourself by positive thinking.  Try to avoid negative self-talk.
Take the compliment
Accept the compliments that are given to you when people see those changes.  Don’t put yourself down after a kind word from someone.  Simply, say “Thank You” when someone compliments you. 

Fear of Failure
Fear of failing prevents us from taking action.  How many of us are so accustomed to being unsuccessful with our dieting attempts?  We didn’t know it then; however, we really didn’t have the knowledge of the proper program for our bodies.  As Met B’s the ONLY diet for us is The Metabolism Miracle.  Diane gave us our answer with MM and within that answer is hope.  No need to fear!  MM works for us when followed correctly, so fear should not even be part of our diet equation

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Change your mindset
When fear of failing or negative thoughts start to creep into your psyche, stop. Move into forward thinking by removing those bad thoughts and replace them with more balanced, healthy thinking. 

Take action
Re-read The Metabolism Miracle, plan out what you need for the Step you are following and become active in Miracle-Ville for support.

You feel more confident when you don’t give up.  Go deep inside yourself and find that attitude that says, “I’m not giving up; I’m going to do this thing.”   Keep bringing it on so you achieve your outcome and get the results you want.

Give consideration to whether any fears are thwarting your weight loss goals. Do not be fearful of your hard earned success. Sometimes, our fears of failure, or success, may be something from the past that does not even serve us emotionally anymore.  By casting a light on our shadowy fears, this reduces anxieties and paves the way for a truly successful you!

Let’s talk about it

Do you have fears of failure or success?  What helped you overcome them?


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