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“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love.
In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness”
– Robert Muller


A number of years ago, I was asked by a concerned family member (a Met A dedicated to the calories in/calories out philosophy) “What psychological problem do you have that makes you eat so much?”  The translation of that question in my mind really was…you are so fat, so you must be eating like a pig to be at your weight.  I tried to provide a good answer; however, I was at a loss to think of a real psychological reason as to why I was so overweight.  I thought I was a fairly well-adjusted, intelligent, responsible person, who really did not eat anymore than most people.  As a matter of fact, I ate somewhat healthy and was active; yet, still, I was extra large.  I just could not for the life of me think of a real “psychological problem”   Does any of this sound familiar to you? 


Of course, with being overweight, I found myself dealing with that horrible inner critic often. I was very hard on myself with emotions that “weighed” me down.  Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, embarrassment, fear and frustration I had because of being overweight.  I thought, well, maybe that was it.  Maybe I had these bad feelings that sabotaged my efforts to stay on a diet and lose the weight. Maybe I was frustrated with dieting and was a weak person.  I do remember being very perplexed about my situation.


Then something amazing happened in my life, I found The Metabolism Miracle.  All those weight issues I had been confused about suddenly made sense.  I remember reading what Diane said on pages 7-8 in the original book.  She said, “Take heart.  You do not lack willpower!  You are not a lazy dieter! You have not imagined impossible obstacles!  Your body simply responds differently.”  At that moment, when I read Diane’s words of wisdom, everything completely made sense to me.  It was then, I began to forgive myself for all those bad feelings I had.  That revelation freed my mind to work on more important things; I started to think successful thoughts instead of all that negativity.  


Forgiveness of oneself is the answer to dissolving these difficult feelings about being overweight, going on and falling off the diet wagon or beating ourselves up for not being able to stick to a weight loss plan. Forgiving ourselves makes us feel light and free.

I became so excited and happy when I noticed as I consciously worked on forgiveness of self, the pain and sorrow began to dissolve and I started to feel better about myself and my life.  It was a time of great freedom as I let go of this negativity which I harbored deep inside myself for years.  I learned that forgiveness of self calms that inner critic and helped me to forge ahead.  I also understood that to forgive, speeds up the healing process.


Here is how self-forgiveness leads to success:


More compassionate feelings

Self-forgiveness means we become our own trusted friend and we treat ourselves with compassion.


Frees our mind 

Self-forgiveness frees up a huge amount of mental energy which allows us to do, and think of, more important things such as organizing, planning and living the MM lifestyle.   By changing our mindset to more forgiving thoughts, we can lighten our mind and body with a calming energy that keeps us always going on plan. 


Align with the power of forgiveness

When we align ourselves with the power of forgiveness, our energy is no longer stagnant with those inner critical thoughts. We are able to measure our success instead of our failure.


Meeting our needs 

With forgiveness of self, we begin anew, we have a clean mental slate so we can focus on our plan, meet our needs of following and inspiring ourselves to stick to the MM way.  


We become whole and noticed

Self-forgiveness allows us to let go of our old thinking and fill our mind with new thoughts about ourselves. This allows us to become whole. Forgiveness is the first step to change those inner thoughts that may not be so positive about self.  As we learn to love ourselves with our own hearts, this feeling shines outward.  When we begin to truly love and feel good about ourselves, others do notice.

I believe our bodies have a consciousness of its own and I feel our bodies do believe every word we say.  Sound odd?   Think of this:  we talk to our body all the time!  How many times have we all told ourselves “I hate my body,”  I am ashamed of being overweight.” or even “I hate seeing pictures of myself.”  My point here is, if we can tell ourselves these things, we can also forgive ourselves for those self-abusive thoughts and words and replace them with genuine affection for self.  Say “I’m sorry” to yourself, forgive yourself and move on to more positive thinking!  This is how we free ourselves to take on the responsibility to be good to ourselves.. 

At the same time, if you make a slip on the MM step you are following, forgive yourself, follow Diane’s direction to get back on track and let it go.   All of us here have Metabolism B which means, as Diane says, we have a long term condition.  Our bodies respond to certain foods differently. We need to follow the MM plan, until it becomes a natural way of life for our health and well-being.  Any set-backs need not interrupt our motivation and dedication to plan. When we work with self-love, self-compassion and forgiveness, we no longer are so unnecessarily “weighed down” emotionally.


An affirmation for forgiveness of self is this:  I forgive my Self and love my Self, easily and effortlessly now.  Say it over and over again especially when those old, difficult  emotions sneak into your psyche! 

I’d like to know your thoughts….
How has following MM inspired you to forgive yourself?


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Believe in Yourself, Make the Commitment and Plan on Weight-loss Success
Believing in yourself and finding the right weight loss plan is a perfect combination when committing to a personal goal for good health and well-being.  All of us here in Miracle-Ville have found MM, it’s the right plan for us, and with the right mindset of believing we can do this thing, success is sure to follow.  Believing in yourself is having self-confidence.  From my experience, self confidence is an extremely good tool to have in your personal toolbox. It is an attitude that, when in balance and check, will serve you well.   When it comes to actually setting weight loss goals and going for it on a weight loss plan, a positive, self-confident attitude tends to help us set healthy, realistic goals and take that risk in trying something new,   A good, reasonable, sense of the right amount of self confidence is this: having the belief and faith in yourself, your worth and your abilities to commit to doing something that is good for you.  

When I first started MM, my friends and family actually tried to talk me out of starting and sticking to MM.  They said things like, “don’t waste your money, you will never do this” and as I was going through my MM maiden voyage detox on Step One, a family member said “Get off that diet!”  I kept saying, “I’m going to do this thing.”  To this day, that is my personal saying that keeps me going at all times on MM.  I had the self-confidence and determination to stay on MM no matter what.  Despite all those attempts by others to sabotage my MM efforts, despite my own fears of starting something new, I believed in myself and kept going!

In order to keep going, we must make that commitment to the plan.  Let’s talk about the big C:  Commitment.  First of all, no one and I’ll emphasize, no one can make us lose weight.  We have to want to “do this thing” for ourselves.  How many of us, over the years, have tried to lose weight; yet, were not really committed?  When we are ready to work on weight loss and for the right reasons, we become invincible!  We do it.  Think about this:  thanks to Diane and MM, we are already ahead of the game.  On MM, we lose our cravings and start to think more clearly because MM gets us in balance!!  That is so wonderful because physically, we no longer crave and we think better.  This all leads to having a better mindset to completely work on our health, weight loss and our whole sense of well-being. 
Because it takes effort to make the commitment to start and stay on a weight loss plan as a lifestyle, try to resolve any other emotional issues going on in your life.  As you work on your physical changes, a good balance is to take care of your mind and spirit too.  An excellent way to work within the foundation of balance is to surround yourself with supportive people who will be there for you, body, mind and spirit.  Ideally, those closest to you should be the best support; however, if you feel family or friends are not the most supportive, seek out a support group like Miracle-Ville.  It is here where we find the people who share our new way of thinking and desire for healthier lifestyle too.  You can do it and it is ultimately your responsibility to commit to a plan for your health, but you don’t have to do it alone!
Here are some tips for building up your belief in self and confidence when working on your weight loss efforts:

Build a knowledge base for your success.  

       Study The Metabolism Miracle.   Read and re-read the book, gain an understanding of how it works, be organized and follow it.

Set weight loss goals for yourself based on MM! 

       Remember, Diane always says, The Metabolism Miracle is not a traditional “calories in/calories out” diet that triggers loss of fat, muscle, and water….MM is all about 100% fat loss.  So…weigh in at the start of 8 weeks, check out your expected weight loss based on your height and present weight, and reweigh in 8 weeks. If you are “in the zone”…you did it!  Remember to measure yourself as Diane recommends in the book.  If you lose more…it’s not all fat loss. Very different philosophy but it is the MM philosophy of fat burning..
Find a fun exercise activity you like to do.
     From going to the gym, to finding the exercise that you like to do at home, just keep moving!!
Make a commitment to stay on plan for yourself.
    Do this for you!  Do not allow any sabotage by others, nor any countersabatoge by your own self to keep you from doing your MM job!

Keep up the positive thinking
     Don’t talk to yourself… unless it’s positive self talk!  Start by being your own coach and motivational speaker.  Remember I kept saying, “I’m going to do this thing.”  You will begin to inspire yourself at first, then when others see your success, you will be an inspiration to others!

Take the chance. 

      Take that chance to start something new, to lose the weight, not only physically, but emotionally too.

In conclusion, when you take the time to really believe in yourself, motivate yourself, and build upon self confidence, you do indeed discover a successful You!

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